We at Coffeehouse have mastered the fine art of only publishing those games sure to delight and amuse the entire game-playing world. Unfortunately, this exacting approach means that while many games are designed and even enter the coding phase, very few actually make it through the entire process and become Real Games.

To date, well, zero of them.

We have high hopes for the work-in-progress listed on this page, though! And as a special treat, we present some tiny mini-games produced under the tight, stuffy restrictions of Speed-IF.


De nada.


Note: If you are unsure what Speed-IF is all about, you can check the SpeedIF home page. At its most basic, a Speed-IF is a constricted game-writing contest, but with no prizes. Authors must produce a game within a strict time limit (2 hours) that meets a set of arbitrary criteria.

Breakfast with the Alien

Our entry in Speed-IF Crinkle-Cut. A short morality play.
New version 2, which functions on any modern T3 virtual machine!

The Midsummer Banquet

Our entry in Speed-IF Jacket. A gothic culinary horror revenge tale, of sorts.
NEW! Now compatible with modern T3 run-times!
We cheated horribly, both on the time limit and the requirements.


Our entry in Speed-IF Late. A tale of scaly espionage!
True to the name of the competition, this entry was submitted 5 days, 8 hours and 15 minutes late. Development time was about three and a half hours.

Death's Scavenger Hunt

Our entry in Speed-IF U.
Strangely enough, just what it sounds like. I actually did this without thinking about how a scavenger hunt is surely the most cliche SpeedIF idea ever.

Note: TADS 3 is still an evolving toolset. However, the run-time format for games is fairly locked down at this stage, and there are unlikely to be changes any time in the near future. You can download the games from this page in almost total assurance that they will run on current or future T3 run-times with zero problems.