Little Lost Lamb

The show opens with a woman getting made up. She's a call girl that goes with several other Newcomer women to a party.

George's home life is a little chaotic at the moment, and the captain wants the shooting of the black gang member investigated (from the opening pilot episode). He's also going to have a party that night with some of the people he works with to "build a sense of unity", sort of.

While out on patrol they find a Newcomer prostitute. George has a hard time believing Newcomer women would voluntarily prostitutes. George realizes the girl is a kind of newcomer that is "unable to think for herself" due to being affected by being on the slave ship. George and Sikes arrange for the girl to take a bus to return to her parents.

Uncle Moodri is a priest of a matriarchal religion. There's also a really funny part where Sikes tries to explain what a prostitute is when Emily has a hard time understanding the concept. Buck continues to be his normally annoying, ultra-prejudiced self. None of the other people from the office show up for the party.

Mary, the prostitute, shows up on Sikes doorstep. She admits she stole money from a "customer" for her boyfriend who took the money and left.

For the first time in the series we see a scene on the spaceship.

Sikes comes home and the Newcomer girl is dead. Cathy had let in a guy posing as a friend of hers, and he's the one who killed her.

Sikes and George go after the guy who killed Mary, the prostitute. This happens to be the first guy they "question."

The two pose as movie producers and go to the kind-of casting agency that is tied in to Mary.

They find Mary's picture in a binder at the agency. They arrange for a girl to "visit" them. Meanwhile, the police arrest one of the members of the gang that Buck is in. Sikes is in the apartment and he and George set up Dallas, the girl from the agency.

She helps them to find the link between the woman running the agency and the guy who killed Mary. The girl helping them nearly gets herself killed in the process, though. It turns out the woman running the agency is an Overseer.

George gets the news that Buck was the one who shot the gang member.

Uncle Moodri demonstrates his spiritual strength by walking into the ocean. Normally, salt water acts like strong acid on Newcomer skin, but it has no effect on him at all. He and Buck talk, and Buck turns himself in to his father. Buck gets tried and sentenced to three years probation. If he violates his probation, he will get two years in prison.

This episode still deals with the prejudice against Newcomers in relation to Buck's continuing problem, but it also continue to develop the concept of Newcomer spirituality via Uncle Moodri, and shows George's somewhat narrow concept of his own species when he has trouble believing Newcomer women can be prostitutes.

It also shows somewhat of an advancement in understanding, though, at least at Emily's school, since Emily has a major role in the play, performs it, and there is no one protesting, yelling or causing trouble.

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