Annette and the Mystery of Moonstone Bay

The Annette mystery books are not like the Nancy Drew ones. Annette is not a detective on purpose; she just sort of stumbles into situations and tries to help people. She does not operate with two other friends helping her (or one as in the case of the Dana Girls.) Yet she does use good thinking and planning when she ends up having to work on something.

In this case a girl she knew when she was younger has come with her father to find a place to live. At first the two girls don't really get along that well, but eventually they do. Sandy, her friend, wants to live near Annette but her father wants a place further away.

The problem is that the house he wants has a very strange owner, a strange guy who drives a sports car, a strange message about not buying the house, and objects that go missing. There's no gun play or anything like that. It's just a pretty good basic mystery book involving Annette.

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