Walk 93 for Annette.

Inside MS, Fall/Winter92, Vol. 10 Issue 3.

The 1993 MS Walk on the weekend of March 27-28 will be dedicated to Annette Funicello. Her courage and her willingness to go public is having a major impact on what people "outside" MS know about the disease and the people who have it.

Our 1-800 LEARN MS number rang off the hook when her story appeared in People magazine. More than 7,000 calls were answered in August, though not all of them concerned Ms. Funicello. This is double the usual monthly total.

"No, she isn't going to die," and "No, we have no cure yet," were frequently repeated to concerned people, many of whom were learning facts about MS for the first time.

In addition to the story in People, Annette has carried the battle to educate the public about the challenges of MS to ABC TV's "Good Morning America," CBS TV's "This Morning," "Entertainment Tonight," the Saturday Evening Post, The Star, and other media outlets.

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