Back to the Beach

The movie has an older Annette and Frankie married with kids of their own. They live in the Midwest, but their daughter is in LA so they decide to go to visit her. She's got a boyfriend she is trying to hide from her parents.

The film starts out with a kid talking about his father, Frankie (who is supposedly now a used-car salesman), and his mother, Annette, who once belonged to a 'cult' called the Mouseketeers. The kid is a complete and total brat, a potential punk who really needs to be straightened out by his parents before he ends up in juvenile detention. He's so much of a punk-in-making that it actually spoils the beginning of the movie.

Later Annette and Frankie have an argument just like in the old beach movie days. There's a part near the end where Frankie is supposedly riding a really huge wave and the music to Indiana Jones plays in the background.

I think the movie doesn't really pick up until about two-thirds of the way through, but then it gets itself together and is really fun.

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