Walt Disney's Micky Mouse Club Mousekedances and Other Mouseketeer Favorites

Side 1 has the following songs: Mickey Mouse March, Fun With Music, Today is Tuesday, Anything Can Happen, Talent Roundup, Don't Jump to Conclusions, Do Mi So, A Cowboy Needs a Horse, and Triple R Song.

Side 2 has: The Mousekedance, Mickey Mouse Mambo, The Pussy Cat Polka, How Will I Know My Love, Mousekartoon Time, Happy Mouse, Hi to You, Meetin' at the Malt Shop, Simple Simon, I'm No Fool, Stop Look and Listen, and Mickey Mouse March Theme.

Please understand that I am not an expert on the Mickey Mouse Club by any means but, to me, at least some of these songs do not sound like they were sung by the Mouseketeers at all. Jimmy Dodd is noticeable on some, and Annette on a couple, but some of the others sound like they were done by studio singers and not the kids.

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