Babes in Toyland

This is a 1961 movie that has Ray Bolger (Wizard of Oz) in it along with Annette, Tommy Sands, Tommy Kirk and Kevin Corcoran. Annette plays Mary Contrary in 'Walt Disney's first musical production.'

The story takes place in Mother Goose village. Mary (Annette) and Tom (Tommy Sands) are due to get married, but a villain wants his own way with her. Annette's dancing in the early part of the movie is rather good.

The original plan was for the evil guys to dump Tom into the sea, but they decide to sell him to gypsies instead.

Then they lie to Mary/Annette about what happened.

Then they steal her sheep, which was her main source of income. This leads to one of the cutest songs Annette ever did, I Can't Do the Sum. Then they're a hilarious section where gypsies arrive to entertain, the same gypsies the two evil co-horts sold Tom to.

Mary's young brothers and sisters go hunting the sheep in the Forest of No Return. Then there's a cool section with Ed Wynn and Toyland.

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