Beyond Magic Gates

Extra-ordinary claims require extra-ordinary proof. -Carl Sagan

There is no doubt that this statement applies very strongly to this book. In his book the author makes these claims (among others):

1. He is Annette's son.
2. Annette was involved with the Mexican cartel.
3. Annette was raped a number of times by the CIA, the cartel and a biker gang.
4. Both the CIA and the FBI were interested in her.
5. She was hypnotized into doing sexual things by the CIA as part of their Project MKUltra.
6. Shelly Fabares, a singer friend of hers, was involved with the CIA.
7. The CIA gave Annette a virus which caused her to get MS.
8. The Bonetti family had someone that forced Annette to give oral sex to every member of the group. 9. The author's school counselor followed him around and harassed him. She was also in the CIA.
10. Annette's first husband was also CIA.
11. The CIA had some kind of device that was taser-like and would remove a person's memory about something. This was used on the author.
12. The author was also a victim of Project MKUltra.
13. Even after the author had moved to England the CIA was after him but someone from MI5 helped him.
15. The CIA was the group that had President Kennedy killed.

There are also quotes of various phone calls between the author and Annette with sometimes Shelly being on the phone also. The exact words are quoted although there is no mention of their being taped or being written down during or immediately after the phone call.

The paragraphs in the book, such as they are, are often composed of almost nonsensical sentences which constantly run together.

Now, as to proof. What proof does the author provide?

Documents? No.
Tapes of phone calls? No.
Police reports? No.
Photographs? No.

Anything from the various videos he was forced to watch about Annette being sexually violated? No. Did Project MKUltra exist? Yes, but it was curtailed in 1967 and ended in 1973


I have read many books in my time but this one I consider to be disgusting. I think it degrades Annette and her reputation severely. The only reason I got it is that I collect books and things about Annette and I wanted to see if it was as bad as some other reviewers considered it to be.

It was worse. Much worse.

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