Bikini Beach

As with Beach Party, someone is watching the group. The guy also has a supposed chimpanzee with him.

Annette does not take part in the dancing section. The guy shows up with his chimp which than surf's . He then insults the group and says they are bordering on feeble-mindedness and are on the level of the chimp.

He owns an old-people's home and wants the young kids off the beach. There's also another complication with a guy called the Potato Bug.

The only really good part of the movie is the last twenty minutes or so with a funny car chase and a fight between Eric von Zipper's group (from Beach Party) and the surfers. Also Borlis Karloff makes an appearance (Vincent Price was in the first film). Stevie Wonder also makes an appearance.

Annette does some songs but doesn't seem to be in as many scenes as she was in Beach Party.

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