Beach Blanket Bingo

The movie opens with the song Beach Blanket Bingo. Next there's a girl skydiving, and a short scene with the great comedian Buster Keaton. The skydiving is part of some kind of publicity stunt. The that is involved in some kind of singer. Erick von Zipper, from previous movies, is also going to be involved in the movie. There's also something about a possible mermaid, and the typical Frankie remarks about how women aren't equal to men.
Then there's this rather disturbing image. I don't really consider it funny at all. A rather interesting thing is how the Sugar Cane girl sings songs and, as she sings, there's a group of girls harmonizing with her. Or, actually, there is the sound of a group girls but, in the movie itself, not one single girl sings along with her.

There's a lot of parody of the old-time damsel-in-distress movies and it actually sort of works.

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