Track Listing

01. Tall Paul
02. My Heart Became of Age
03. Don't Jump to Conclusions
04. Lonely Guitar
05. It Took Dreams
06. Wild Willie
07. Jo Jo the Dog-faced Boy
08. How Will I Know My Love
09. Ma He's Making Eyes at Me
10. Especially For You
11. That Crazy Place from Outer Space
12. Love Me Forever

My Comments

01. Tall Paul : A cute sort of song. Was one of her best known.
02. My Heart Became of Age: I think someone is using a ukulele on the song. Sort of cute, really. Definitely an older sound to this, lots of sax and background singing (sort of).
03. Don't Jump to Conclusions: Okay. This one is strange. Very strange. Not that great.
04. Lonely Guitar: Her voice is good on the song. What really, really hurts it is some of the strange background playing. The song should have just been her and someone playing the guitar, gently. Instead we get something that's a mix of Secret Agent Man and The Outer Limits. There's a video I saw with the her singing the same song but without all the background stuff and it was really good.
05. It Took Dreams: This is one of what I guess I would call the moral-type theme songs. Don't Jump to Conclusions was about just that; this one is about fulfilling one's dreams. From that viewpoint it's a good song.
06. Wild Willie: Song about a guy that plays around. The background singers are overdone rather a bit. Annette's singing is fine, though.
07. Jo Jo the Dog-faced Boy: This has to go down as being one of the strangest songs I have ever heard. Still, in a way, it's actually sort of cute in the 'it's so god awful bad it's cute' manner.
08. How Will I Know My Love: This is a group of people singing with Annette singing alone from time to time. It's fairly nice.
09. Ma He's Making Eyes at Me: An old song that Annette does well. The only problem it has is the same as most other songs of the time, and that is an overuse of background singers.
10. Especially For You: A fairly nice song.
11. That Crazy Place from Outer Space: Whoever wrote this must have been on some of that funny stuff at the time. Change that. Make it a lot of that funny stuff. Still, it's kind of cute in the Purple People Eater way.
12. Love Me Forever: Good song. I think it's the English version of O Solo Mio.

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