A Desert Inn Mystery

Annette is not someone who goes looking for mysteries, but sometimes she finds herself involved with one.

She's driving a white sports car called the Monster. Her parents are dead, and she lies with her Uncle Archie and Aunt Lila Mc Cloud, as in the Annette series. She's going to go to the desert with some friends of hers. On the way there, they are almost run off the road (as happens many times in Nancy Drew mysteries).

They get to Pine Mesa and find out a guy's house has been torched. The bad guys are looking for some money from a bank robbery and one of them is passing himself off as a nice guy named Iverson.

There's also an old silver mine, Iverson's nasty partner, and Annette's plan to expose what is really going on. It's a rather nice story, something that is believable and entertaining at the same time.

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