Fireball 500

Leander is introduced as a race car driver by day, a moonshine runner by night. Dave is introduced as an up-and-coming racer. He's supposedly driving car 43 which is Richard Petty's car. There's a lot of stock footage of racing and crashes.

Fabian's character is shown making out with a blonde. He's also quite full of himself.

He first meets Annette who's working a booth at a carnival.

Her name in this movie is Jane.

Her first number. She's dressed very conservatively compared to the girls she's hawking.

Dave wins a race against Leander. He also ends up running a load of moonshine but doesn't know it at first.

Then the carnival promoter sets up a figure 8 race between the two guys.

The internal revenue guys threaten Dave with jail if he doesn't help them break up the moonshine running outfit. This is rather unrealistic, though, in that they have no proof that Dave actually ran any moonshine (he admitted it, but was never read his rights or arrested).

One of the other runners has an accident and is killed. Dave thinks it was Leander who came at the other guy and forced him off the road.

Dave is in an accident but survives. Leander wins a race between the two and then they get into a fist fight. The the two of them make a moonshine run together, Leander wanting to prove he didn't run the first guy off the road and kill him.

They find someone set up a huge mirror on the road to trick the driver into thinking someone was coming directly at him. They push the car over the cliff to make it look like they fell for the trap and meet the FBI agents. Together they find out who was really behind the accidents and death of the one driver.

They Leander and Dave face off at Daytona. Leander's car catches on fire and he crashes.

The movie is a major change from the beach movies that had gone before it with Annette in them. This is a very serious movie, not a fun one like the beach movies. Annette is paired with someone else, not Fabian.

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