Il Mongelo (Italian)

Inside TV June 1959

Inside TV Dec. 1959

In Style 1994 Dec 12 Why? Because I Love You

In The Know 1977 Jan 01 Eeek! Yay! Mice! The New MMC Is Now In Session /Mouseketeer Roll Call:Annette

In The Know 1977 Apr 04 Up From The Beach

Indianapolis Star 1997 Jul 07 Funicello Faces The Challenge of Her Disease W/Dignity by Rita Rose

Inside Entertainment 2002 Sum A Parting Shot

Inside MS 1994 Sum Annette's Dream ... Raising Public Awareness About MS

Inside MS Bulletin 1996 Sum Pride Kicks In at 25 MS Walks

Inside Movies 1963 Jun 06 The End Of A Love Affair (5 pgs)

Inside Movies 1965 Jun 06 Marriage Is Wild and Wonderful

Inside Movies Sept. 1966

Inside Movies 1967 Jul 07 A Baby For Annette

Inside Movies 1965 Dec 12 How It Feels To Have A Baby

Inside Movies 1966 Apr 04 Love Manual Of The Stars

Inside Movies 1966 Sep 09 They'll Have The World's Most Spoiled Baby

Inside TV 1959 Jun 06 How I Overcame Shyness With Boys

Inside TV 1959 Dec 12 How Annette Solves Her Dating Problems

Interview Magazine 1987 Aug 08 Back To The Beach

Italian American Digest 1985 Spr Annette Funicello Mouseketeer to Lead St. Joseph Parade

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