Lots of Luck

(From the package:) Suburban, blue-collar couple Julie and Frank Maris are (basically) happily residing with their three kids, Cindy, David and Trish, and Julie's mother, Lucille. But things could be better as money is tight: Julie works hard as a hairdresser and frank, a mechanic, dreams of opening his own auto-repair shop with best buddy A.J. But things soon change when Julie wins the state lottery and then they keep on winning various contests (new car, vacation). The Marises spend, spend, spend and then the day of reckoning comes when they find that they have failed to pay their taxes on the winnings. They see a way of getting out of this new debt and, maybe, get enough to open the auto shop if Julie can win a special auto derby in her ancient VW bug with modifications by Frank & A.J. ...and computer guidance from her young son David. Let's just say that slow and steady just may win the race!


The race part of the movie is actually the best part. The entire movie is sort of cute.

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