Articles About Annette

This section will list articles I have found that are not from magazines as such. The magazine articles are in another section.

Dated Articles

Australian Women's Weekly May 1973
Daily Independent November 17, 1978
Disney's Girl Next Door: Exploring The Star Image of Annette Funicello thesis
Disney News September, 1973
Disney News Spring 1976
Disney News Summer 1976
Forever Hold Your Banner High
Girl Culture
Indianapolis Star January, 1977
In the Know January 1977
LA Times Weekly, October 5, 1977
LA Times Weekly Oct. 9-15, 1977
Lowell Sunday October 1972
> Providence Sunday Journal April, 1978
Rocky Mountain News April 9, 1978
Rona Barrett's Hollywood December, 1978
Rona Barrett's Magazine June 1975
Seattle Times November 9, 1978
St. Petersburg Times October, 1972
Toronto Sunday Sun, July 4, 1976
Van Nuys News July 24, 1970
Walk 93 for Annette
The Sun June 30, 1976
The Sunday News October 9-15, 1977
The Washington Post February 4, 1978
The Woman August 1975
Who's Who #11, 1976

Various Undated Articles and Other Items

Various undated articles
Annette Funicello: The One You Can't Forget
Disney's Girl Next Door: Exploring the Star Image of Annette Funicello
Gidgets and Women Warriors
Girl Culture: An Encyclopedia
Girlhood in America, an Encyclopedia
Screen World Presents the Encyclopedia of Hollywood Film Actors
Annette Funicello in The Wizard of Oz

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