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Mad 1965 Jun 06 Mad Visits a Typical Teenage Beach Party

Memories 1989 Sep 09 Final Episode of MMC

Memories 1990 Oct 10 Where Are They Now?

Mi Vida 1961 Jul 07 Una Nueva Fantasia De Walt Disney (Babes In Toyland)

Mi Vida 1963 May 05 Annette Funicello y Las Calumnias

Mickey Is Sixty 1988 60 Candles

Mickey Mouse Club Annual 1956 Mouseketeer Party

Mickey Mouse Club Annual 1956 Meet The Mouseketeers

Mickey Mouse Club Annual 1957 Off Stage

Milwaukie Journal 1957 Jan 01 Little Miss Mouseketeer

Milwaukie Journal 1958 Aug 08 Movie Star At 16

Milwaukee Journal 1961 Nov 11 Show Biz

Milwaukee Journal 1976 Aug 08 Avalon and Annette ... Again

Mirabelle 1961 Mar 03 38801

Mobile Life 1958 Mobile School For The Mouseketeers

Mobile Living 1957 Jan 01 Walt Disney's Trailer School

Mobile Living June 1958

Mobile Living Jan. 1959

Modern Maturity 2002 Annette Turning 60

Modern Movies March 1975

Modern Screen 1959 May Everybody Adores Annette

Modern Screen Oct. 1959

Modern Screen 1960 Jan The Thrill Of First Love

Modern Screen 1960 Feb I Believe I Heard The Voice Of Jesus

Modern Screen 1960 May I Park In Front Of THe House

Modern Screen 1960 Sep I Know There Are Miracles

Modern Screen 1962 May I Thought I Was Over Crushes

Modern Screen 1963 Apr 100 Tips

Modern Screen May 1963

Modern Screen 1963 Sep

Modern Screen 1963 Oct You Can Be Young & Beautiful

1964 Sep Special Look For A Bride/Hair-do of the Month

Modern Screen 1964 Oct Annette's Mom Picks Groom

Modern Screen 1965 Jan How To Make Your Husband Happy

Modern Screen: 1965 Apr Annette's Private Wedding & Honeymoon

Modern Screen July 1965

Modern Screen: 1965 Nov The Things You Hear Are Not True

Modern Screen: 1966 Feb I Won't Let My Baby Tear Us Apart

Modern Screen June 1966

Modern Screen: 1967 Mar My Husband Had To Have An Operation

Modern Screen:1970 May Catching Up With Annette Funicello

Modern Screen:1984 Feb Annette and John Forsythe

Modern Screen:1984 Jun Annette At The Altar

Modern Screen:Nov. 1985

Modern Screen:Yearbook 1960 #3 I'm Always In Love

Modern Screen:Yearbook 1966 One Down - 8 To Go

July 1960 2-Page Picture

Modern Stars 1960 Nov 11 Miniature Siren

Modern Teen: Oct. 1960

Modern Teen:August 1962 Telephone-it is

Modern Teen:October 1962

Modern Teen:June 1963 At Last, I'm In Love

Modern Teen:July 1963

Modern Teen:August 1963 What Next For Annette?

Modern Teen July 1964

Modern Teen:October 1964 From No Dates To Date Bait

Modern Teen:November 1964 Chic-Chat

Modern Teen:December 1964 A Annette & Hayley Show You Their Holiday Hairdos

Modern Teen March 1965

Motion Picture: 1959 May Frankie & Annette

Motion Picture: August 1959

Motion Picture:1959 Sep Caught In A Teenage Triangle

Motion Picture:1959 Oct We Hate Annette Funicello

Motion Picture: 1959 Nov Oh, No, I'm Falling In Love Again

Motion Picture December 1959

Motion Picture: 1960 Jan My Daughter Is A Good Girl

Motion Picture: 1960 May This Moment With God

Motion Picture: 1960 Aug How To Cure A Crush

Motion Picture:1960 Nov Annette Shares Her Beauty Tips

Motion Picture:1961 Mar Annette's Night Of Terror

Motion Picture: 1961 Jun The Day I Became A Woman

Motion Picture: 1961 Jul The Bride I'll Be & The Man I'll Marry

Motion Picture January 1962

Motion Picture: 1962 Feb Her Wedding Hair-do

Motion Picture: 1962 Sep Missing Some Kissing

Motion Picture:1964 Sep The Bride Wore Blonde

Motion Picture: 1965 Feb Annette's Wedding Hairdo

Motion Picture March 1965

Motion Picture:1965 Apr Annette's Wedding Dreams Come True

Motion Picture: 1965 May Who Is The Ideal Man

Motion Picture:1965 Sep You Can Help Annette Name Her Baby

Motion Picture: 1965 Dec I'm Going To Have Nine More Babies

Motion Picture: 1966 Feb Annette's Baby Girl

Motion Picture: 1966 Apr

Motion Picture: 1966 Jun Don't Cheat On Your Husband

Motion Picture: 1966 Jul Things Mama Didn't Tell Me

Motion Picture: 1966 Oct Our Youngest Fan

Motion Picture:1967 Mar How Could I Love Another Baby

Motion Picture: 1967 Apr Easter Charade

Motion Picture: 1967 Nov

Motion Picture: 1977 Jun Annette in Tinseltown

Motion Picture Exhibitor 1964 Apr 04 Apr 8: Ad for Muscle Beach Party

Mouse Magic 1994 May 05 Vol 1, No. 1: A Conversation with Annette

Movie Album 1962 #8 Straight Talk From Teens

Movie Album 1963 #10 Advice From The Stars

Movie Album 1963 #12 Why There Are Bachelors In Hollywood

Movie Album 1964 #13 Men On Our Drop Dead List

Movie Album 1965

Movie Album 1965 #16 A's Brazen Confession - I Sure Learned About Men After Marriage

Movie Album 1966 #18 Annette Is Happy

Movie Club #10 1997 Spr 04 Life's A Beach

Movie Illustrated 1960 Sep 09 Don't Tell Me Not To Change

Movies Illustrated 1963 Nov 11 Beach Party

Movieland and TV Time Feb. 1959

Movieland and TV Time Oct. 1959

Movieland and TV Time December 1959

Movieland and TV May 1962

Movieland and TV Time Annual 1962

Movieland and TV Time Feb. 1965

Movieland and TV Time July 1965

Movieland and TV Time Oct. 1972

Movie Life: 1959 Apr 04 Boys Don't Scare Me Any More

Movie Life:1959 Jun 06 Which Would You Choose?

Movie Life: 1959 Jul 07 It's A Drag To Snag A Sat

Movie Life:1959 Aug 08 Advice From The Stars

Movie Life: 1959 Sep 09 Annette Answers 50 Questions

Movie Life:1959 Nov 11

Movie Life: Dec. 1959

Movie Life:1960 Jan 01 Keeping Up With Annette

Movie Life: 1960 Feb 02 I've Got A Crush On Annette's Dad

Movie Life: 1960 Mar 03 Annette Sings Anka

Movie Life: 1960 Apr 04 Frankie's The Only Guy For Annette

Movie Life: 1960 Aug 08 Small Pic & Bio

Movie Life:1960 Oct 10 Annette Destroyed Our Love

Movie Life:1960 Nov 11 Gossip Only

Movie Life:1961 Feb 02 Valentine's Day

Movie Life: 1961 Jul 07 Annette, Why Didn't You Tell Me

Movie Life:1961 Aug 08 Come Dance With Me

Movie Life Nov. 1961

Movie Life: 1961 Dec 12 Merry Christmas Annette

Movie Life:1962 Jan 01 Star Predictions - Will Annette Falter

Movie Life:1962 Apr 04 Love Queens &/the Lovers They Couldn't Marry

Movie Life: 1962 May 05

Movie Life:1962 Jun 06 Annette & Bob Logan: Wildest Warmest Love

Movie Life:1962 Jul 07 Dick Chamberlain with Annette

Movie Life:1962 Aug 08 My Biggest Heartbreak

Movie Life: 1962 Sep 09 Secret Annette Helped Shelly Hide

Movie Life: 1962 Oct 10 Love Tests That Terrify Annette

Movie Life Dec. 1962

Movie Life May 1963

Movie Life January 1965

Movie Life August 1965

Movie Life Sept. 1965

Movie Life May 1966

Movie Life Sept. 1966

Movie Life Yearbook 1965

Movie Mirror: Jan. 1959

Movie Mirror: 1960 Feb Dick Clark Article w/ Annette Photo

Movie Mirror:1960 Mar Flipping with Dick & His Rock & Roll Allstars

Movie Mirror:1960 Apr How I Have Fun At Drive-in Movies

Movie Mirror May 1960

Movie Mirror: 1960 Aug Stars Tell Their Dating Secrets

Movie Mirror: 1960 Sep My Fans Almost Ruined Me

Movie Mirror: 1960 Oct Gossip

Movie Mirror: 1961 Jan Annette's Dating Tricks

Movie Mirror: 1961 Mar Miracle Diets Of The Stars

Movie Mirror: 1961 May It's A Scream

Movie Mirror: 1961 Jun How To Have A Ball On Double Dates

Movie Mirror: 1961 Sep Bio and Photo

Movie Mirror: 1962 Mar C'mon Over We'll Have A Ball

Movie Mirror: 1962 Aug What Annette Does When Boys Want To Make Out

Movie Mirror: 1962 Dec Big Thrills Of My Teen Years

Movie Mirror: 1963 Mar Humming A Love Song

Movie Mirror: 1963 May Wanted: A Man For A Lifetime Of Loving

Movie Mirror: 1963 Jul Annette Gets Too Hot To Handle

Movie Mirror: 1963 Aug Wonderful World Of Teens In Love

Movie Mirror: 1963 Sep Young Hollywood Lives It Up

Movie Mirror: 1963 Nov Chaste Way To Chase

Movie Mirror: 1964 Aug Private Line To The Stars

Movie Mirror: 1965 Apr Wedding Photos

Movie Mirror: 1965 Jul How I Told My Husband We're Having A Baby

Movie Mirror: 1965 Nov When She Talked About Marriage To Jack

Movie Mirror March 1966

Movie Mirror: 1966 Dec I'm Glad I'm A Woman Now

Movie Mirror: 1970 Jun Gossip

Movie Mirror: 1971 Jul Time Out For Love

Movie Mirror Super Special #2 1976

Movie Mirror: Yearbook 1960 Foursomes Are Fabulous

Movie Mirror: Yearbook 1960 #1 Still Bowling 'Em Over

Movie Mirror: Yearbook 1961 Youth On Parade

Movie Mirror: Yearbook 1961 #2 Lovingest Lovelies

Movie Mirror: Yearbook 1962 #4 Growing Up & Wow

Movie Mirror: Yearbook 1964 #8 Hollywood's Make Believe Children

Movie Mirror: Yearbook 1968 #11

Movie Mirror: Yearbook 1969 #12 Photo

Movie Mirror: Yearbook 1974 Visit Your Stars In Their Fabulous Homes

Movie Mirror: Yearbook 1976 #19 Superstitions Of The Stars

Movie Mirror: Yearbook 1981 #26 Pictures of Mouseketeers

Movie Parade Feb. 1965

Movie Screen Yearbook 1959

Movie Stars 1961 Apr Come On, Fellows, Make Me Purr

Movie Stars 1961 May It's A Scream

Movie Stars March 1962

Movie Stars 1962 Jun Annette Does A Strip Tease

Movie Stars 1962 Jul Talk To The Stars

Movie Stars 1962 Aug Bachelor Girl's Last Fling

Movie Stars 1962 Oct Small article

Movie Stars 1962 Dec Talk To The Stars

Movie Stars 1963 Jan What I Know About Annette/Shelly

Movie Stars 1963 Jul Talk To The Stars

Movie Stars 1963 Sep Annette's Date Life ... New & Shocking

Movie Stars 1963 Oct Three Girls Search For Love

Movie Stars 1963 Dec Annette's Wild Love Chase

Movie Stars 1964 Feb I'll Be A Virgin When I Marry

Movie Stars 1964 May Annette Answers Rumors She Wants To Date A Beatle

Movie Stars 1964 Jul Pin-up Only

Movie Stars 1964 Aug After Annette Funicello?

Movie Stars 1964 Sep She's Not Engaged

Movie Stars 1964 Nov How Far Should An Engaged Girl Go

Movie Stars 1965 Apr Annette's Wedding Day

Movie Stars 1965 Jun Annette at Coconut Grove

Movie Stars 1965 Jul I Can Hardly Wait For Jack

Movie Stars 1965 Oct A Prayer For Her Baby

Movie Stars 1966 Feb Annette & Jack Marriage In Trouble?

Movie Stars 1966 May When Stars Get Pregnant

Movie Stars June 1966

Movie Stars July 1966

Movie Stars 1966 Aug Ex-lovers Can Be Friends

Movie Stars 1966 Nov The Baby Annette Lost

Movie Stars 1967 Apr Why Annette Had To Hide Her Pregnancy

Movie Stars 1967 May Complete Guide To Hollywood

Movie Stars 1968 Apr Money For My Body

Movie Stars 1968 May The Four Different Ways They Do It

Movie Stars Feb.1971

Movie Stars Annual 1962 When In Rome

Movie Stars Annual 1963 #2 Whistle Bait

Movie Stars Annual 1963 #3 Why Their Men Don't Marry Them

Movie Stars Annual 1964 #4 Love Games For The Go-For-Broke Brunettes

Movie Stars Parade Dec. 1958

Movie Stars TV Closeup: 1958 Jun Saturday Night Ball

Movie Stars TV Closeup: March 1959

Movie Stars TV Closeup:1959 May If You Were Annette Funicello

Movie Stars TV Closeup: 1959 Jun 100 Intimate Questions

Movie Stars TV Closeup: 1959 Jul Annette's My Best Friend

Movie Stars TV Closeup: 1959 Aug How Annette Does Her Hair

Movie Stars TV Closeup: 1959 Sep Free Play

Movie Stars TV Closeup:1959 Oct I Can't Say No

Movie Stars TV Closeup: 1959 Nov Fly Into My Swinging Dream Pad

Movie Stars TV Closeup: 1959 Dec How Do Teen Stars Get Spanked

Movie Stars TV Closeup:1960 Jan My Love Affair With Fabian

Movie Stars TV Closeup: 1960 Feb

Movie Stars TV Closeup:1960 Mar Annette Became A Baseball Buff

Movie Stars TV Closeup: 1960 Jun The Faith I Live By

Movie Stars TV Closeup:1960 Sep Small Bio

Movie Stars TV Closeup: 1960 Nov Stars On The Couch

Movie Stars TV Closeup:1961 Feb 21 Stars Take Psychology Test

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine: 1960 With Bobby Rydel

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine: 1960 Mar We're Not Going Steady Any More

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine:1960 May Who Is Your Teen Twin

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine: 1960 Jun Secrets Of My Past

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine: 1960 Jul Boys Grow Mellow With Annette Funicello

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine: 1960 Oct

1961 Jan

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine: 1961 Apr

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine: 1962 Sum Annette's Dreams

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine: 1962 Dec Annette's Adventures in Boyland

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine: 1963 Aug What's Next For Annette / Young & Beautiful

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine: 1963 Nov Wild Wonder Fun For Frankie & Annette

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine: 1964 Jan Who's Mr. X In Annette's Life

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine: 1964 Nov Misadventures of Merlin Jones

Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine: 1965 Sum A Marriage Go Round For Keeps

Movie TV Family Album 1962 #8 Annette Funicello

Movie TV Family Album 1965 #1 Annette's Wedding

Movie TV Family Album 1966 #2 I Never Thought I Could Be So Lucky

Movie TV Record Time 1960 Sep 09 I'm Really A Stay-At-Home Girl

Moviegoers Tattler 1963 Mar 03 Annette, The Next Liz

Moviegoers Tattler 1963 Sep 09 Why I Had To Fire My Mom

Movieland and TV Time Dec. 1959

Movieland and TV Time July 1965

Movies Illustrated 1960 Apr 04 I Won't Interfere in Annette's Life

Movies Illustrated 1960 Jun 06 Secrets of My Past

Movies Illustrated 1960 Sep 09 Don't Tell Me Not To Change

Movies Illustrated 1963 Nov 11 Beach Party

Movies Illustrated 1964 May 05 Mis-Adventures Of Merlin Jones

Movies Magazine 1965 Mar 03 Annette Confesses: Marriage Scares Me Stiff

Movies Today 1962 Dec 12 Gossip

Movies Today 1964 Aug 08 Bikini Beach

Movies Today 1964 Oct 10 Annette Mentioned

Movies Today 1965 Apr 04 Beach Blanket Bingo

Movies Today 1965 Jul 07 Monkey's Uncle

MOVIE TV SECRETS:1960 Feb The 5 Boyfriends of Annette

MOVIE TV SECRETS:1960 Apr Gossip

MOVIE TV SECRETS:1960 Jul Annette's Secret Passion

MOVIE TV SECRETS:1960 Oct Why Annette May Never Marry

MOVIE TV SECRETS:1960 Dec Annette & Dwayne On A Sneak Date

MOVIE TV SECRETS:1961 Nov Annette & The Love Crazed Prowler


MOVIE TV SECRETS:1963 Dec Beach Gal vs Mountain Gal (Annette & Donna Douglas)

MOVIE TV SECRETS: 1965 Feb The Boys She Left Behind

MOVIE TV SECRETS: 1965 Sep The Baby Annette Didn't Want

MOVIE TV SECRETS:1966 Mar Happiness Is A Junior Mouseketeer

MOVIE TV SECRETS:1966 May When A Star Gets Pregnant

MOVIE TV SECRETS:1967 Feb What Love Means To Me

MOVIE TV SECRETS:Yearbook 1961 Fall Nose Jobs

Movie World:1960 Jan Annette Believes In Kissing On First Date

Movie World: 1960 Mar I'm Proud To Know Annette

Movie World:1960 May Annette's Dilema: Stuck With Dating Movie Stars

Movie World:1960 Jul Annette Tells How To Throw A Party

Movie World:1960 Sep A New Lover For Annette

Movie World:1960 Nov Annette Tells What Every Teenager Should Know

Movie World:1961 Jan One Man Isn't Enough For Me

Movie World:1961 Mar Annette & Bobby Rydell: Should You Go Steady?

Movie World:1961 May Spring Fever

Movie World:1961 Jul The Price They Pay For Stardom

Movie World:1962 May Annette, I Want You To Be My Wife

Movie World:1962 Nov Why I Didn't Become A Nun

Movie World:1963 Jan Nose Bobbed

Movie World: 1963 Mar What To Do When Your Boyfriend Leaves

Movie World:1963 May Do You Have Sex Appeal

Movie World:1963 Nov Girls In Trouble

Movie World:1964 Mar I'm A Woman Now

Movie World:1964 May What Happened To Beautiful Friendship

Movie World:1965 May How To Handle Honeymoon Fright

Movie World March 1966

Movie World:1967 Mar I Don't Want To Be A Washed-up Wife

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