Mickey Mouse Club Episode 1

Main Events

Fun with Music Day.

The musical opening is quite long compared to later shows. The first section of the show is the Newsreel. 'The news of the day for the leaders of tomorrow.' This one was Boys Brave Buzz Boats. This one takes place in the Everglades and talks about the Seminole Indians.

The second news reel is about Rome and is entitled The Music Goes 'Round. The third one is A World Report! about things going on elsewhere in the world and how they relate to the Mickey Mouse Club.

After this the Mousketeers appear.

The Friendly Farmers is the next thing to happen. This is a song with a guy making animal noises, then some of the Mouseketeers dance (although these are not the Red team, the front-line team, so Annette is not in this part).

The shoe song is next with Roy doing drawings. Annette is also not in this part.

The next section is the What I Want to Be portion of the program. This is about being an airline hostess or an airplane pilot. It's the first part only.

The Mousekartoon is next. Then Jimmie Dodd comes on and explains some of the things that will be happening in future episodes.

Photos of Annette from the episode

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