Pajama Party

An alien race plans to attack the Earth. (Tommy Kirk will be the lead infiltrator.) The attackers are supposedly from Mars.

Annette by the pool. As usual in the water-related movies, she is dressed very conservatively.

For some reason the kids then go to the beach to play volleyball.

The Martian advance man has met a woman who talks to flowers and she doesn't understand the importance of what he is saying. (Actually, she's violating the law. There is actually a law that prohibits people from talking to extra-terrestrials.) He tries to demonstrate Martian technology, but she thinks he's doing magic tricks.

Two other characters include Buster Keaton and the guy he is working with who is a money-grubber.

Then another guy and a blond show up. Meanwhile, Keaton's performance as a Native American would draw tons of protests in today's world as being stereotypical. It turns out the Martian infiltrator is staying in the same house as Keaton, the blonde and the one older woman. (It turns out the blond and Keaton went to the wrong house.) The crook is next door along with the other guy.

Annette complains to the older woman and she says Annette should try to make her would-be boyfriend jealous. Then the Martian arrives.

They seem to hit it right off.

Her boyfriend thinks of her as a 'buddy.' She gets rather upset.

They are going into town. Keaton, as the Native American, is looking for a guy in a red baseball cap (in order to help forward the scam his boss is running), and Eric von Zipper is looking for a guy in a red baseball cap in order to beat him up.

In a designer's clothes shop a number of the 'combatants' are all together.

Connie (Annette) in a bedroom with a group of other girls.

She finally realizes that the guy is really a Martian. She ends up telling him that she had fallen in love with him.

The crooks plan is to get some 'typical' teenagers to his house and throw a pajama party, getting the Aunt's teenage friends over too. While her house is empty they plan to rob her. So who does his henchman get? Von Zipper's group.

They get into the house to try to find the money.

A major fight develops and the Martian uses his powers to help the good people after he tells Connie he considers her his people now.

Things are working out fine.

The three crooks end up on Mars.

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