Annette's Secret Passage Game

I never knew there was such a game until I accidentally stumbled upon a site where someone had one of the games for sale. Of course I bought it. The above image is the top of the box. The bottom of the box is empty.

There are sides each of the above wording.

The rules are on the inside of the lid.

The gameboard, folded.

Footprint and Fish cards that are used during the game.

These are the other items in the game. There are four boat markers, four ring markers, four pawns and a boat.

There are four spinners for a maximum of four players.

The copyright date of the game is 1958.

This is the gameboard. You start at the upper left corner. You spin the dial on your spinner and move forward the indicated number of points. If you land on a fish you draw a fish card and do whatever it says such as go back two spaces, go forward three spaces, etc. You go till you get to the island and then you have to spin an even number to get your ring. Once you get the ring you continue on that path until you get to the area marked Secret Passage. You hang a left and go until you get to the lake where you then stop no matter the result of your spin.

From there you take the bottom track where now you might encounter a footprint and draw a footprint card which are basically the same types of instructions as the fish cards. You follow the path until you get back to the lake where you then stop. At that point you can either try the spinner and get an odd number or just spin as normal and keep going. If you get an odd number you get to skip ahead to the Out box which is 8 places away. The spinners only go as high as 6.

You then follow the red pathway till you get to the boat circle. Whenever someone lands there the boat moves one space and it's your job to roll until you land on the red spot by the boat. When you do you get a boat marker and then make your way up the board along the track until you get to the space marked Boarding where you must stop. To finish the game you need to roll a 1 or a 2.

First person to get to the finish mark wins.

I played the game with a couple of other people. It doesn't take too long to play and I think it's fun to play. 'Serious' gamers would probably not like the game that much since this is an old style spin-and-move type of game, but for kids or people who like playing relatively non-complex games, this is a good one.

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