Annette sings Country Western music


1. Sweet Sweet Smile
2. What You Need is a Real Woman's Love
3. Lucky old Colorado
4. The Promised Land
5. It'll Be Me
6. Orange Blossom Special
7. Fires of Love
8. Paper Roses
9. ol' Good Times
10. The Race is On
11. Before the Next Teardrop Falls
12. In & Out of Love Again

My Comments

1. Sweet Sweet Smile: Country-western type of song. Quite good song.
2. What You Need is a Real Woman's Love: Annette's voice is different from her younger voice, of course. It's more mature and not as clear-cut. She does a really good job with this song. Also not the type of song she would have sung when she was younger.
3. Lucky old Colorado: A good song.
4. The Promised Land: It starts off with her talking. Then she mixes singing and talking. A good song. This is about her life, by the way.
5. It'll Be Me: Again, she does a very good job with this song.
6. Orange Blossom Special: Her singing is fairly good. The instrumentals are a little weak in the first part of the song but get better in the second part of the song.
7. Fires of Love: Another pretty good song.
8. Paper Roses: She does fairly well on this song, although at times she's a little uneven.
9. ol' Good Times: This song is just all right.
10. The Race is On: She does a good job on this song.
11. Before the Next Teardrop Falls: For some reason she is unable to handle this song. Her singing is totally uneven and off.
12. In & Out of Love Again: She does a fair job on this.

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