Annette on Campus

This is not as high in demand as Annette's other recordings since, on this one, the amount of singing she actually does is quite small. The rest of the time she is like a cheerleader for each team.

The version above is the LP monoaural version.

A1 Roar Lion Roar
A2 Fight On Pennsylvania
A3 Far Above Cayuga's Waters
A4 On, Brave Old Army Team
A5 Navy Blue And Gold
A6 Yale Boola
A7 The Whiffenpoof Song
A8 The Victory March
A9 On Wisconsin
A10 The Victors
A11 Hail To The Orange
A12 Minnesota Rouser
A13 Go U Northwestern
A14 Halls Of Ivy
B1 Fight On For Old S. C.
B2 Fight For California
B3 By The Old Pacific
B4 Bow Down To Washington
B5 Come Join The Band
B6 Ramblin' Wreck From Georgia Tech
B7 Yea, Alabama
B8 Washington And Lee Swing
B9 Ora Lei

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