Annette Sings Anka


1. Train of Love
2. Teddy
3. I Love You
4. Hey, Mama
5. I Love You Baby
6. Lonely Girl
7. Like a Baby
8. Talk to Me Baby
9. Tell Me That You Love Me
10. Waiting For You
11. It's Really Love
12. And So It's Goodbye

My Comments

1. And So It's Goodbye: I don't think this works that well for Annette. Her voice is very clear and sharp; a song like this should have a softer, sadder approach to the singing.
2. Hey Mama: A mother mistreats her daughter. Her mother also took away her Mickey Mouse ears. Cute song and unusual for an Annette song.
3. I Love You Baby: It's all right, but it's the type of song that really should be sung by a male.
4. I Love You: Now this one seems to work for her.
5. It's Really Love: Her singing is really good in this song, but the background music has a particular note that it keeps hitting over and over and it messes up the song. Maybe they lacked confidence in her singing or something, but there are a lot of her songs that would be much better if the background singers and/or music had been more subdued.
6. Like a Baby: Another cute song.
7. Lonely Girl: This one also works pretty well, again, except for the background singers.
8. Talk to Me Baby: A slow song. Pretty good.
9. Teddy: Annette's voice is fine on this one. The background singers should have been shot, though, to put them out of their misery.
10. Tell Me That You Love Me: Annette does a good job on this song.
11. Train of Love: A cute song.
12. Waiting For You: Again, Annette does rather well and the background singers are utterly annoying.

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