Annette: All The Hits and More


1. O Dio Mio
2. Luau Cha Cha Cha
3. It's Really Love
4. The Rock-a-Cha
5. Walkin' and Talkin'
6. Blame It On the Bossa Nova
7. Jamica Ska
8. How About That
9. Dreamin' About You
10. Like a Baby
11. Promise Me Anything
12. Surfin' Luau
13. Muscle Beach Party
14. The Wah Watsui
15. The Clyde
16. Happy Feeling
17. Better Be Ready
18. The Perfect Boy
19. Ballin the Jack
20. Danceannette
21. Little Blue Ballroom
22. All My Loving
23. Tall Paul
24. Lonely Guitar
25. First Name Initial
26. Train of Love
27. Pineapple Princess
28. Dream Boy
29. Jo-Jo the Dog-faced Boy
30. Bikini Beach Party
31. Beach Party
32. Surfer Boy
33. Talk to Me Baby

My Comments

1. O Dio Mio: Sung entirely in Italian. Not a bad song.
2. Luau Cha Cha Cha: Fairly decent, nice beat.
3. It's Really Love: Her singing is really good in this song, but the background music has a particular note that it keeps hitting over and over and it messes up the song. Maybe they lacked confidence in her singing or something, but there are a lot of her songs that would be much better if the background singers and/or music had been more subdued.
4. The Rock-a-Cha: Another cute, basically outdated type of song.
5. Walkin' and Talkin': Yet another cute song.
6. Blame It On the Bossa Nova: Another good song with Annette.
7. Jamica Ska: A good song.
8. How About That: More upbeat, typical song of the times. Average.
9. Dreamin' About You: Another cute song and pretty good.
10. Like a Baby: Another cute song.
11. Promise Me Anything: A really nice song.
12. Surfin' Luau: A cha-cha-cha type of song. Fairly decent.
13. Muscle Beach Party: Typical beach-type song of the time.
14. The Wah Watsui: Annette covers this song of the times. She does a good job on the song.
15. The Clyde: Another dance song. Again, an average song. Awfully strange title for a song, though.
16. Happy Feeling: Again, a dance song typical of the times. Average.
17. Better Be Ready: Pretty much an average song. Not one that will stick in your mind.
18. The Perfect Boy: Background singers are really, really bad in this one. Also the lyrics are not the greatest in this song. Not a winner.
19. Ballin the Jack: For some reason Annette does a really good job on all of these older songs. She should have done an album of hits of the twenties and thirties.
20. Danceannette: Cute, definitely a song of that times.
21. Little Blue Ballroom: Okay. Right off. Annihilate the background singers. Atrocious, which is really, really bad since the song itself is good and Annette does a really, really good job on it. Some of her best singing is on this song.
22. All My Loving: A Beatles cover that she does a good job on.
23. Tall Paul: A cute sort of song. Was one of her best known.
24. Lonely Guitar: Her voice is good on the song. What really, really hurts it is some of the strange background playing. The song should have just been her and someone playing the guitar, gently. Instead we get something that's a mix of Secret Agent Man and The Outer Limits. There's a video I saw with the her singing the same song but without all the background stuff and it was really good.
25. First Name Initial: Pretty good. Nice words, nice beat, good singing by Annette.
26. Train of Love: A cute song.
27. Pineapple Princess: This is another of her well-known songs and is really cute.
28. Dream Boy: Fu-ni-cue-li (or however you spell that) with different words. Not bad.
29. Jo-Jo the Dog-faced Boy: This has to go down as being one of the strangest songs I have ever heard. Still, in a way, it's actually sort of cute in the 'it's so god awful bad it's cute' manner.
30. Bikini Beach Party: This beach song is one of the best ones she did.
31. Beach Party: Typical beach party song of the times.
32. Surfer Boy: This is a re-oriented version of the Beach Boy's song Surfer Girl. She does a very good job. The background singers could have been better, though.
33. Talk to Me Baby: A slow song. Pretty good.

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