Annette Sings Golden Surfin' Hits


1. Surfin'
2. Surfer Boy
3. Ride the Wild Surf
4. Surfer's Stomp
5. Surfin' Safari
6. No One Could be Prouder
7. Sidewalk Surfin'
8. Surfin' U.S.A.
9. Balboa Blue
10. Surf City
11. A Boy to Love
12. Monkey's Uncle

My Comments

1. Surfin': Annette does pretty well on this song. The background singers as so weird, though.
2. Surfer Boy: This is a re-oriented version of the Beach Boy's song Surfer Girl. She does a very good job. The background singers could have been better, though.
3. Ride the Wild Surf: Another typical beach song. Pretty decent song.
4. Surfer's Stomp: Instrumental. The sax part is good, but the rest of it is utterly repetitive.
5. Surfin' Safari: A cover of the Beach Boys song. Annette does quite well.
6. No One Could be Prouder: Annette does really good. I wonder if a Constitutional amendment against background singers, made retroactive, would be possible.
7. Sidewalk Surfin': Annette has a bit of trouble with parts of the song.
8. Surfin' U.S.A.: Another cover of a Beach Boys song. Annette does really good.
9. Balboa Blue: Another instrumental. Again, the sax is good, the rest too repetitive.
10. Surf City: Annette does pretty good on this typical beach song.
11. A Boy to Love: A good song with Annette singing well.
12. Monkey's Uncle: Pretty cute and with decent background singing.

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