Annette's Beach Party


1. Beach Party
2. Treat Him Nicely
3. Don't Stop Now
4. Promise Me Anything
5. Secret Surfin' Spot
6. Song of the Islands
7. California Sun
8. The Battle of San Onofre
9. Swingin' and Surfin'
10. Date Night in Hawaii
11. Surfin' Luau
12. Pineapple Princess

My Comments

1. Beach Party: Typical beach party song of the times.
2. Treat Him Nicely: All right song about a girl that lost her boyfriend because she didn't treat him well.
3. Don't Stop Now: More upbeat, but nothing really special about it.
4. Promise Me Anything: A really nice song.
5. Secret Surfin' Spot: Again, a typical beach song which is pretty decent and Annette is not drowned out by music or background singers.
6. Song of the Islands: A song about Hawaii. It's all right, but just that.
7. California Sun: Another beach-type song. It's rather cute.
8. The Battle of San Onofre: This opens with Annette talking, then goes into background singers who sound absolutely horrible, then back to Annette talking, etc. Definitely not good.
9. Swingin' and Surfin':Another beach song. A pretty good song.
10. Date Night in Hawaii: Another fairly cute song.
11. Surfin' Luau: A cha-cha-cha type of song. Fairly decent.
12. Pineapple Princess: This is another of her well-known songs and is really cute.

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