Dance Annette

The above is the LP version. The songs on this include:

1. Danceannette
2. Rock-A-Charleston (Flipper Flap)
3. Rock and Roll Waltz
4. Rock-A-Cha
5. The Hokey-Pokey
6. The Glide, Pt. 2
7. The Huckle Buck
8. Takes Two to Tango
9. Como Esta Usted (Rock la Raspa)
10. Ballin' the Jack
11. Rock-A-Polka
12. I Could Have Danced All Night

My Comments on some of the songs

1. Como Esta Usted: Horrible. Really, truly, horrible.
2. Danceannette: Cute, definitely a song of that times.
3. Flapperflip: Trying to unite rock and roll and flapper music of the '20s. Odd.
4. Hokey Pokey: Again, Annette does a good job on a rather old song.
5. Rock-a-cha:Another cute, basically outdated type of song.
6. Rock and Roll Waltz: Another rather odd uniting of musical styles.

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