1. Hawaiiannette
2. Pineapple Princess
3. Hukilau
4. Blue Hawaii
5. Song of the Islands
6. Now is the Hour
7. Date Night in Hawaii
8. Blue Muu Muu
9. Luau Cha Cha Cha
10. My Little Grass Shack
11. Holiday in Hawaii
12. Aloha Oe

My Comments

1. Hawaiiannette: A fairly decent song but not that great. The main problem, as with many of her songs, is not her but the background singers which are often more annoying that useful.
2. Pineapple Princess: This is another of her well-known songs and is really cute.
3. Hukilau: As expected, a Hawaiian-type song. A hukilau is a specific type of fishing procedure.
4. Blue Hawaii: Too much background singing basically downing out Annette. Also, she doesn't seem to do a very good job with this song.
5. Song of the Islands: A song about Hawaii. It's all right, but just that.
6. Now is the Hour: A slow song. Fairly decent, although at times the song seems a little off technically, somehow, although that's not her fault.
7. Date Night in Hawaii: Another fairly cute song.
8. Blue Muu Muu: A pretty cute song.
9. Luau Cha Cha Cha: Fairly decent, nice beat.
10. My Little Grass Shack: A jazzed-up version of the song and it works quite well.
11. Holiday in Hawaii: A typical Hawaiian type song and quite cute.
12. Aloha Oe: This song doesn't work. Annette is singing some of the words in an almost clipped style.

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