1. Italiannette
2. Please Please Signore
3. Gotta Lotta Love
4. Mia Cara, Mia Amore
5. Lucky, Lucky
6. Love Me Forever (adapted from Santa Lucia)
7. Dream Boy (adapted from Funiculi, Funicula)
8. O Dio Mio
9. That's Amore
10. Where's the Spumoni
11. Vieni Vieni
12. There's No Tomorrow (adapted from O Solo Mio)

My Comments on some of the songs

1. Italiannette: Pretty cute.
2. Please Please Signore: A girl wants to get out of an engagement in order to be with 'the boy she loves.' Good song.
3. Gotta Lotta Love: Kind of cute with, again, overly annoying background singers.
4. Mia Cara, Mia Amore: Another Italian-sounding song that she does well with.
5. Lucky, Lucky: Italian-type of song which she does quite well with.
6. Love Me Forever (adapted from Santa Lucia): Good song.
7. Dream Boy (adapted from Funiculi, Funicula): Not bad.
8. O Dio Mio: Sung entirely in Italian. Not a bad song.
9. That's Amore: The only version of this I had ever heard was Dean Martin's, which I though was pretty neat. This is a speeded-up version which Annette (but not the background singers) does a good job on.
11. Vieni Vieni: Incredibly annoying flute or something at the start. Actually, the entire song is pretty much annoying.
12. There's No Tomorrow (adapted from O Solo Mio): Annette does quite good, but once again there's a technical problem with her voice sounding like she's singing at a distance in a box or something.

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