Muscle Beach Party


1. Muscle Beach Party
2. A Girl Needs a Boy
3. Surfer's Holiday
4. I Dream About Frankie
5. Muscle Bustle
6. Merlin Jones
7. Custom City
8. Draggin' City
9. Rebel Rider
10. Wakiki
11. Shut Down
12. The Scrambled Egghead

My Comments

1. Muscle Beach Party: Typical beach-type song of the time.
2. A Girl Needs a Boy : A slow song. A fairly decent song.
3. Surfer's Holiday: Another good beach type of song.
4. I Dream About Frankie: Fairly good song, but nothing special.
5. Muscle Bustle: Another 'dance-craze' type of song. Sort of cute.
6. Merlin Jones: To go with the movie, sort of cute.
7. Custom City: A Beach Boys-type song. I think it would have been if sung by them or by some male; it just doesn't seem like a song a girl of that times would sing.
8. Draggin' City: Another cars-oriented song that again is more suited to a male singer of the times than a female singer.
9. Rebel Rider : Okay, but that's it.
10. Wakiki: Beach-type song. I think this would have made a really neat song for the Beach Boys (with a few modifications relating to the gender of the singer.)
11. Shut Down: A car-racing type of sing, reminding one of the Beach Boys songs of this type. It's quite good.
12. The Scrambled Egghead: From the Merlin Jones movie. It opens with talking. There's more talking during the song. More talking than singing.

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