Something Borrowed, Something Blue


1. Personality
2. Music! Music! Music!
3. All My Lovin'
4. Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me
5. How Will I Know My Love
6. Mr. Piano Man
7. Something Borrowed, Something Blue
8. Canzone D'Amore
9. Crystal Ball
10. Blue on Blue
11. The Old Piano Roll Blues
12. Little Blue Ballroom
13. Just a Whisper Away (w/Tommy Sands)
14. I Can't Do The Sum
15. Go To Sleep (w/Tommy Sands)
16. Just a Toy (w/Tommy Sands)

My Comments

1. Personality: An older song. It works pretty well as far as Annette goes, but once again the background singers are overwhelmingly annoying.
2. Music! Music! Music!: A cover of a really old song, comparatively, the 'put another nickel in the nickelodeon.' She does quite well on this song.
3. All My Lovin': A Beatles cover that she does a good job on.
4. Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me: An old song that Annette does well. The only problem it has is the same as most other songs of the time, and that is an overuse of background singers.
5. How Will I Know My Love: This is a group of people singing with Annette singing alone from time to time. It's fairly nice.
6. Mr. Piano Man: Her voice just doesn't seem to match the type of voice I picture singing this type of song. I think it takes a more mature, sensual voice for this song.
7. Something Borrowed, Something Blue: A pretty good song. The lyrics are also pretty good.
8. Canzone D'Amore: A soft type of song. Pretty good.
9. Crystal Ball: It's okay, but not something that's memorable.
10. Blue on Blue: She cover's this song pretty well.
11. The Old Piano Roll Blues: Yet again Annette demonstrates that she does really well with this rather older songs. Again, I wish she would have done an album of music like this.
12. Little Blue Ballroom: Okay. Right off. Annihilate the background singers. Atrocious, which is really, really bad since the song itself is good and Annette does a really, really good job on it. Some of her best singing is on this song.
13. Just a Whisper Away (w/Tommy Sands): Away, a duet, which is a fairly decent song.
14. I Can't Do The Sum: Really, really cute. Really cute.
15. Go To Sleep (w/Tommy Sands): where Annette is one of a number of singers.
16. Just a Toy (w/Tommy Sands): Another cute song.

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