Songs From Annette

This is an LP that has a mix of songs from a variety of the Disney serials. Annette comes from the Mickey Mouse Club. Don't Jump to Conclusions comes from the Annette serial. How Will I Know My Love comes from Spin and Marty. Probably since Annette was the most well-known of the various people from the serials is the reason her picture was used on the front of the album.


1.How Will I Know My Love (Annette)
2.Annette (Jimmie Dodd)
3.Meeting at the Malt Shop (Group)
4.Buckwheat Cakes (Darlene and Buddy Ebsen)
5.My Pa (Darlene)
6.Hap-Hap-Happy Snowman (Group)
7.Gold Dubloons and Pieces of Eight (Group)
8.What I Want To Be Theme (Instrumental)
9.Don't Jump to Conclusions (Annette)
10.Theme From Spin and Marty (Instrumental)
11.Triple R Song (Tim Considine and others)
12.Uncle Dan (Darlene)
13.Moochie (Group)
14.Boys of the Western Sea (Group)

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