Annette on Campus


1. Alaska
2. Illinois
3. Pennsylvania
4. On Wisconsin
5. Michigan
6. Minnesota
7. Kansas
8. Texas
9. California Berkeley
10. UCLA
11. Washington
12. Georgia Tech
13. Alabama
14: California
15. Oklahoma

My Comments

1. Alaska: A very pretty song. Annette does not have any solo part.
2. Illinois: Another rather pretty song. Again, Annette does not have a solo part.
3. Pennsylvania: Annette has a few words at the start and elsewhere, then it's the Glee Club.
4. On Wisconsin: Again, Annette has a sort of boilerplate type of words to say, but no singing.
5. Michigan: Again, just like the above, Annette has a few words but no singing.
6. Minnesota: Again, just like the above.
7. Kansas: Home on the Range, actually. Annette does not appear.
8. Texas: Back to Annette saying a few words. Unlike the other similar tracks, though, Annette actually does some singing.
9. California Berkeley: Annette says a few words but that's it.
10. UCLA: Again, Annette speaks a bit but that's it.
11. Washington: Same as above. It's like Annette is introducing a band or something.
12. Georgia Tech: Annette speaks a bit, then actually sings the song.
13. Alabama: Annette speaks a bit but that's it.
14: California: Annette is not on this track at all.
15. Oklahoma: Annette is not on this track at all.

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