Annette: A Musical Reunion with America's Girl Next Door

Tracks Disc 1

1. Tall Paul
2. Don't Jump to Conclusions
3. It Took Dreams
4. Wild Willie

Tracks, Disc 2

1. Danceannette
2. The Rock-a-Cha
3. Rock-a-Polka
4. The Flapper Flip
5. The Rock and Roll Waltz
6. Mister Piano Man
7. I Can't Do The Sum
8. Just a Toy
9. The Parent Trap
10. Merlin Jones
11. The Monkey's Uncle
12. Walkin' and Talkin'
13. Beach Party Tonight
14. Blame it on the Bossa Nova
15. Jamica Ska
16. Bikini Beach Party
17. Let's Twist Again
18. Surfer's Holiday
19. Stuffed Animal
20. Canzone D'Amore
21. Music! Music! Music!
22. How Will I Know My Love
23. No Way to Go But Up
24. Annette

My Comments

1. Tall Paul; A cute sort of song. Was one of her best known.
2. Don't Jump to Conclusions: Okay. This one is strange. Very strange. Not that great.
3. It Took Dreams: This is one of what I guess I would call the moral-type theme songs. Don't Jump to Conclusions was about just that; this one is about fulfilling one's dreams. From that viewpoint it's a good song.
4. Wild Willie: Song about a guy that plays around. The background singers are overdone rather a bit. Annette's singing is fine, though.
1. Danceannette: Cute, definitely a song of that times.
2. The Rock-a-Cha: Another cute, basically outdated type of song.
3. Rock-a-Polka: A rather unlikely mixture of types. Somewhat cute.
4. The Flapper Flip: Trying to unite rock and roll and flapper music of the '20s. Odd.
5. The Rock and Roll Waltz: Another rather odd uniting of musical styles.
6. Mister Piano Man: Her voice just doesn't seem to match the type of voice I picture singing this type of song. I think it takes a more mature, sensual voice for this song.
7. I Can't Do The Sum: Really, really cute. Really cute.
8. Just a Toy: Another cute song.
9. The Parent Trap: A duet. Works rather well.
10. Merlin Jones: To go with the movie, sort of cute.
11. The Monkey's Uncle: Pretty cute and with decent background singing.
12. Walkin' and Talkin': Yet another cute song.
13. Beach Party Tonight: Typical beach party song of the times.
14. Blame it on the Bossa Nova: Another good song with Annette.
15. Jamica Ska: A good song.
16. Bikini Beach Party: This beach song is one of the best ones she did.
17. Let's Twist Again: She does a good job on this cover.
18. Surfer's Holiday: Another good beach type of song.
19. Stuffed Animal: Nice, gentle song.
20. Canzone D'Amore: A soft type of song. Pretty good.
21. Music! Music! Music!: A cover of a really old song, comparatively, the 'put another nickel in the nickelodeon.' She does quite well on this song.
22. How Will I Know My Love: This is a group of people singing with Annette singing alone from time to time. It's fairly nice.
23. No Way to Go But Up: Another really good song.
24. Annette: This is the one from the Mickey Mouse Club that Jimmie Dodd wrote for Annette. He also sings it. He also talks during the song. So do some other people.

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