Annette at Bikini Beach


1. Bikini Beach
2. Because You're You
3. Secret Weapon
4. This Time It's Love
5. How About That
6. Happy Feeling
7. The Clyde
8. Let's Twist Again
9. Wah Watusi
10. Blame it on the Bossa Nova
11. Jamaica Ska
12. The Monkey's Uncle

My Comments

1. Bikini Beach: A really cute beach song.
2. Because You're You: A romance song that doesn't work. For one, the background singer makes the oddest sounds. This is also not a song suited to Annette's voice.
3. Secret Weapon: Another really cute song.
4. This Time It's Love: A song with a slow beat. Very nice except for someone hitting a xylophone or something like that at random intervals.
5. How About That: More upbeat, typical song of the times. Average.
6. Happy Feeling: Again, a dance song typical of the times. Average.
7. The Clyde: Another dance song. Again, an average song. Awfully strange title for a song, though.
8. Let's Twist Again: She does a good job on this cover.
9. Wah Watusi: Annette covers this song of the times. She does a good job on the song.
10. Blame it on the Bossa Nova: Another good song with Annette.
11. Jamica Ska: A dance-oriented song that's okay.
12. The Monkey's Uncle: Pretty cute and with decent background singing.

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