Story of My Teens


1. We're the Mouseketeers
2. A Girl Needs a Boy
3. Ame Que Paso
4. Don't Jump to Conclusions
5. Don't Stop Now
6. First Name Initial
7. How Will I Know My Love
8. I Can't Do The Sum
9. I Dream About Frankie
10. It Took Dreams
11. Lonely Guitar
12. Mama, Mama Rosa
13. Merlin Jones
14. Poor Someone
15. Muscle Beach Party
16. My Heart Became of Age
17. Teddy
18. Pineapple Princess
19. Tell Me Who's The Girl
20. Promise Me Anything
21. Song of the Island
22. Strummin' Song
23. Talk to Me Baby
24. Tall Paul
25. The Truth About Youth
26. Treat Her Nicely
27. Wakiki
28. Mr. Piano Man
29. Mouseketeer Closing Theme
30. O Dio Mio

My Comments

1. We're the Mouseketeers: This is, of course, the opening to the show.
2. A Girl Needs a Boy: A slow song. A fairly decent song.
3. Amo Que Paso: Another slow song, sounds Spanish in style. Pretty good.
4. Don't Jump to Conclusions; Okay. This one is strange. Very strange. Not that great.
5. Don't Stop Now: More upbeat, but nothing really special about it.
6. First Name Initial: Pretty good. Nice words, nice beat, good singing by Annette.
7. How Will I Know My Love: This is a group of people singing with Annette singing alone from time to time. It's fairly nice.
8. I Can't Do The Sum: Really, really cute. Really cute.
9. I Dream About Frankie: Fairly good song, but nothing special.
10. It Took Dreams: This is one of what I guess I would call the moral-type theme songs. Don't Jump to Conclusions was about just that; this one is about fulfilling one's dreams. From that viewpoint it's a good song.
11. Lonely Guitar: Her voice is good on the song. What really, really hurts it is some of the strange background playing. The song should have just been her and someone playing the guitar, gently. Instead we get something that's a mix of Secret Agent Man and The Outer Limits. There's a video I saw with the her singing the same song but without all the background stuff and it was really good.
12. Mama, Mama Rosa: Italian-sounding song. It's about what a woman served at supper. It's cute.
13. Merlin Jones: To go with the movie, sort of cute.
14. Poor Someone: Slow-style song, including a section where Annette just talks. I think it's a little over-done.
15. Muscle Beach Party: Typical beach-type song of the time.
16. My Heart Became of Age: I think someone is using a ukulele on the song. Sort of cute, really. Definitely an older sound to this, lots of sax and background singing (sort of).
17. Teddy: Annette's voice is fine on this one. The background singers should have been shot, though, to put them out of their misery.
18. Pineapple Princess: This is another of her well-known songs and is really cute.
19. Tell Me Who's The Girl: A song about a girl being jealous of another girl. Again, Annette's voice is good but the background singers are almost overwhelming.
20. Promise Me Anything: A really nice song.
21. Song of the Islands: A song about Hawaii. It's all right, but just that.
22. Strummin' Song: It's like this was recorded with her standing kind of far away from the microphone most of the time. The background singers really overdue things, too. Not that great.
23. Talk to Me Baby: A slow song. Pretty good.
24. Tall Paul : A cute sort of song. Was one of her best known.
25. The Truth About Youth: Again, background singers that need to be put in an airless room for a few hours. Annette then comes in, talking. When she sings she's good on this. Too much talking, though. Not a very good song at all.
26. Treat Him Nicely: All right song about a girl that lost her boyfriend because she didn't treat him well.
27. Wakiki: Beach-type song. I think this would have made a really neat song for the Beach Boys (with a few modifications relating to the gender of the singer.)
28. Mr. Piano Man: Her voice just doesn't seem to match the type of voice I picture singing this type of song. I think it takes a more mature, sensual voice for this song.
29. Mouseketeer Closing Theme: This should be known to anyone who ever saw the show.
30. O Dio Mio: Sung entirely in Italian. Not a bad song.

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