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Rag Of The Eighties 1982 Rodney Has A Winter Beach Party With Annette and Frankie

Real Dick Clark 1959 Annette Funicello A Girl Who Goes By The Rules

Record Hop Stars 1960 Jan 01 Annette's Most Unforgetable Date

Record Hop Stars 1960 May 05 Together

Record Movie & TV Pop Stars 1959 Nov 11 Annette Funicello

Record Time 1959 I'm Really A Stay-at-home Girl

Remember 1994 Dec 12 Where Are They Now

Reminisce 2009 March 03 Mickey Mouse

Rincon Juvenil 1966 Back Cover (magazine is from Chile)

Rock & Roll Songs 1960 Oct 10

Rogers Cable TV Guide 1995 Oct 10 L 21-27 Oct: Playing America's Sweetheart

Rolling Stone 1983 Jul 07

Rona Barrett's Magazine 1974 Feb 50's Flashback

Rona Barrett's Magazine 1975 Jun The Return Of The Mouseketeers

Rona Barrett's Summer Annual 1979 Sum Beach Party Movies With Frankie & Annette

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