Annette serial

The set comes with a great photo of Annette, a certificate of authenticity, and a small booklet.

The series features, of course, Annette. She plays the part of a girl from a farm coming to live with her uncle and aunt in the city. She makes a friend quickly, a girl named Jet, who is from a ranch. The main problem she has afterward is one of class-consciousness.

A girl named Laura thinks she leads a clique of kids and she takes an instant dislike to Annette, considering Annette beneath her. Laura's necklace ends up missing and from then on she implies and outright accuses Annette of stealing it.

The series deals with one major teen-age worry and that is of fitting in with the group. There's an aspect of bullying involved, but the major thing seems to be class consciousness among the peer group. Fortunately, most of the students seem to be able to accept Annette easily, even though she comes from a farm and is considered (by Laura) 'unsophisticated.'

One of the songs basically started Annette's singing career, How Will I Know My Love?

1. An Introduction
2. The Newcomer
3. Annette meets Jet
4. An Invitation
5. The Escort
6. The Party
7. Paying the Piper
8. The Missing Necklace
9. What Happened at School
10. Almost a Fight
11. Steady Gets an Idea
12. The Explosion
13. The Turned Down Invitation
14. Annette Makes a Decision
15. The Hayride
16. The Barbecue
17. The Fight
18. The Farewell Letter
19. Mike to the Rescue
20. The Mystery is Solved

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