1959 Mar 03 Annette And Jimmy They're Both Going Places

1959 May Cover Only

1959 Jul Inside Annette

1959 Nov 11 Letters From Annette

1960 The Meaning Of Friendship

1960 Feb M It's Always Fun Time With Annette

1960 Mar Letters From The Road

1960 Jul Annette Spills The Beans

1960 Aug M My Friend Arlene

1960 Sep All The Wonderful Years Of My Life

1960 Oct Say Hello To Sweet Swingin' Shelley Fabares by Annette

1960 Nov 11 Gossip

1961 Jan Why Do They Talk About Annette

1961 Mar Why Do They Lie About Annette & Fabian

1961 Apr Annette's Secret + Wallet Photos

1961 Jun The Saddest Day Of My Life

1961 Jul My Annette Fan Club

1961 Aug The Annette No One Knows

1961 Oct Annette: My Hates & Loves

1961 Nov Truth About Annette/Haley Mills Feud

1962 Annette's Adventures In Boyland

1962 Jan Secrets I Kept From Annette

1962 Feb A Dream Wedding

1962 Mar Annette's Amazing Change

1962 Apr Color Pinup

1962 May How I Solved My Beauty Problems

1962 Jun Don't Let Annette Fool You

1962 Apr Three Type of Girls A Guy Digs

1962 May Annette & Bobby Rydel In Disneyland

1962 Aug When I Get Married

1962 Sep Annette Invites You To Join 16's Secret Club

1962 Oct Most Romantic Night

1962 Dec Baby Sittin' Blues & Boogie

1963 Mar Things A Girl Never Tells A Guy

1963 May

1963 Jun Annette's Deepest Secrets

1963 Aug What I Learned From Boys

1963 Sep Fact Sheet On Annette

1963 Oct Annette & Shelly Answer Paul & Johnny

1963 Nov Gossip

1964 Feb It's Always Fun With Annette/Teasing The Boys

1964 Mar Win Annette's Handbag

1964 Apr

1964 Jun Muscle Beach Party

1964 Sep Preview of Bikini Beach

1964 Nov

1965 May Cover Only

Annual 1962 Pin-up Only

Annual 1963 Things A Girl Never Tells A Guy

Spectacular #1 1963 Annette & Shelly Answer Paul & Johnny

Spectacular #2 1964 Things A Guy & A Girl Never Tell

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