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San Francisco Chronicle 1981 Jun 06 27 Jun: A Crazy Indoor Beach Party

Saturday Evening Post 1965 Jul 07 July 31: Sexy Surf Movies

Saturday Evening Post 1992 Dec 12 Annette Fights Back

Scholastic News 1975 Jun 06 34150

Scottish Rite Journal 1997 Jul 07 Multiple Sclerosis

Screen Album: 1959 Aug

Screen Album:1959 Nov Kicking Up Her Heels

Screen Album: 1960 Jan Does He Love 'Em and Leave 'Em?

Screen Album: 1960 Feb Annette and Paul Anka Romancing

Screen Album: 1960 Apr All About Me From A To Z

Screen Album: 1960 Aug Who's Her Mr. X?

Screen Album:1960 Oct Does He Love 'em & Leave 'em

Screen Album: 1960 Nov-Jan

Screen Album April 1961

Screen Album:1961 Oct Wolves Beware!

Screen Album:1962 Jan Kicking Over The Traces

Screen Album:1962 Apr Gossip

Screen Album: 1962 Jul No Gilded Cage

Screen Album:1962 Oct Angry Young Girl

Screen Album: 1963 Jan Don't Fence Her In

Screen Album: 1963 Apr Now She Wiggles While She Works

Screen Album: 1963 Sep Babe in Boyland

Screen Album:1963 Oct She's Got Men For All Seasons

Screen Album:1964 Jan There's No Business Like Home Business

Screen Album: 1964 Apr

Screen Album: 1964 Jul About Those Birds & Bees

Screen Album: 1965 Apr Wanted: Nine Children

Screen Album:1965 Jul At Last A Feeling Of Security & Happiness

Screen Album:1966 Jan No 50-50 Marriage

Screen Album:1966 Jun

Screen Album: 1966 Jul Cheaper By The Dozen

Screen Annual 1960 #10 What Annette Taught Me About Women/What Paul....About Men

Screen Annual 1963 Sum A Little Lady Longing To Grow Up

Screen Greats 1990 Sep 09 Great Love Teams

Screenland 1960 Jan Annette's Afternoon Date

Screenland 1960 Jul When I'm 18

Screenland 1964 May Annette Funicello: Look At Her Now

Screenland 1964 Nov Annette Tells How To Know True Love

Screenland March 1965

1965 Apr4 Why Annette Cried On Her Wedding day

1965 May The Beach Party Gang

1965 Jul Hollywood Hotline, Photo with Jack Gilardi

Screenland Aug. 1965

Screenland 1965 Oct Annette's Fears For Her Unborn Baby

Screenland 1965 Dec Why Teen Stars Want To Live Alone

Screenland April 1966

Screenland 1966 May

Screenland 1966 Jul I'd Rather Diaper Than Dance

Screenland 1966 Aug Annette's Decision On Birth Control

Screenland 1966 Sep They Want To Take Me From My Baby

Screenland 1966 Oct Portrait Gallery

Screenland Nov. 1966

Screenland: 1966 Dec Annette and The Craving Her Husband Can't Control

Screenland: 1967 Jan I Kept My Husband's Operation A Secret

Screenland: 1967 May How To Swing High, Swing Low

Screenland: 1967 Jun

Screenland: Annual 1967 Annette's Biggest Fear As A Mother

Screen Life: 1959 Annette's Guide Book For Teens

Screen Life: 1964 Sep Will Annette Go The Route

Screen Life: 1964 Nov Competition Can Kill An Out-Of-This-World Romance

Screen Life: 1965 Mar How A Winner Picks A Loser

Screen Life: 1965 Jul The Wedding That Almost Wasn't

Screen Life: 1965 Sep Those After The Honeymoon Jitters

Screen Life: 1966 Sep My Husband Or My Baby

Screen Life: 1970 Sep Hollywood Lowdown

Screen Life: Annual 1961 Love Is A Song

Screen Parade: 1960 Mar Frankie Avalon's Secret Hope

Screen Parade: 1963 Jun Loving Hollywood Style

Screen Parade: 1964 Mar Why Men Fascinate

Screen Parade: 1965 Oct There'll Be Some Changes Made

Screen Parade: 1965 Dec Will Scandal Wreck The Beach Gang?

Screen Parade: 1966 Jun The Girl Who's Stealing My Guy

Screen Parade: 1967 Feb The Other Man Who Saved Her marriage

Screen Parade: 1967 Apr Annette's Plans For Her New Baby

Screenplay: 1960 Jan 01 Sixteen Is Fun

Screenplay:1960 Dec 12 Annette Funicello Too Young For Love

Screenplay: 1966 Apr 04 Man Who Tried To Stop Annette's Wedding

Screenplay: Annual 1969 2 Women: Haley & Annette

Screen Secrets 1960 Mar 03 Cover Only

Screen Stars April 1960

Screen Stars: 1960 May Annette & Love

Screen Stars: 1960 Jun Confessions of a Teenage Flirt

Screen Stars: 1960 Aug I Want To Be Evil

Screen Stars: 1960 Oct Why Annette Must Stop Dating Boys

Screen Stars: 1960 Nov Miniature Siren

Screen Stars: 1961 Oct What'll I Tell My Daughter

Screen Stars:1961 Dec Looking For A New You

Screen Stars: 1962 Oct 10 Stars Reveal How To Say No To Sex

Screen Stars: 1963 Apr Welcome To Womanhood

Screen Stars: 1965 Feb These Things Make A Marriage

Screen Stars: 1965 Oct Annette's 20 Musts For A Marriage

Screen Stars: 1965 Dec Those Beach Blanket Kooks

Screen Stars January 1966

Screen Stars: 1966 Oct Is She Too Much Mother And Not Enough Wife?

Screen Stars: 1966 Dec I Don't Want My Kids To Remember Me As A Mouseketeer

Screen Stars: 1970 Jun Jason Baby Pictures

Screen Stars: Album 1963 #1 Not A Babe In Toyland Anymore

Screen Stars: Album 1964 #4 Should Annette Imitate Ann-Margaret

Screen Stories: 1965 Apr 04 Mike Connolly's Exclusive Report from Hollywood

Screen Stories:1965 May 05 Beach Blanket Bingo

Screen Stories: 1970 Feb 02 Gossip

Screen Stories: 1975 Oct 10

Screen Stories: 1978 Mar 03 Annette & Jack Gilardi

Screen TV and Record Stars Feb. 1960

Screen World: 1963 Dec 12 Can Gary Save Annette From Herself?

Screen World: 1964 Mar 03 Sex Is A Many Splendored Headache

Screen World: 1978 Jan 01 Bobby Sox To Bikinis

Screen World: 1960 Jul 07 Annette We Love You

Seattle Times TV Guide 1977 Oct 10 Annette & The Good Old Days

Seventeen: 1959 May Teen Hostess "How To's"

Seventeen: 1960 May Teenage Stardom

Seventeen: 1962 Jan I'm Just Myself

Seventeen: 1964 Jan Ad For Bassett Furniture

Seventeen:1964 May At The Movies

Seventeen: 1964 Jun Ad For Coppertone

Seventeen: 1964 Jul Ad For Bassett Furniture

Seventeen: 1965 Jun Ad For Coppertone

Seventeen: 1965 Aug Sarah Coventry Ad

Seventeen:1974 Sep Why Nostalgia

SF Examiner & Chronicle 1978 Apr 04 9 Apr:Mouseketeer Grows Up Now It's All Family

Sh-Boom 1990 Jan 01 M Vol. 1, No. 1: I Hate The Beach

Sh-Boom 1990 Aug 08 Sh-Boom Calendar

Sign 1962 Jan 01 Babes In Toyland

Silver Screen Aug. 1959

Silver Screen Dec. 1959

Silver Screen Dec. 1960

Silver Screen Dec. 1961

Silver Screen: 1962 Jun 06

Silver Screen:1963 Feb 02 Growing Up Pains

Silver Screen: 1963 Jun 06 Back Cover Only

Silver Screen: 1964 Dec 12 From Mouse To Chick

Silver Screen:1965 Nov 11 Making Babies Is Delicious

Silver Screen: 1966 Jan 01 Color Mama Annette

Silver Screen: 1966 May 05 Photo & Comment

Silver Screen: 1966 Aug 08 How Did I Live Without My Baby

Silver Screen Oct. 1966

Silver Screen: 1966 Nov 11 How Annette Made Her Husband See Purple

Silver Screen: 1966 Dec 12 The Craving Her Husband Can't Control

Silver Screen: 1967 Feb 02 How My Two Women Changed Me

Silver Screen: 1967 Mar 03 Annette's Pregnant Again

Silver Screen: 1967 Jun 06 Fit For Framing

Silver Screen: 1968 Jan 01 Gina Gets To Know Her Flora & Fauna

Silver Screen: 1972 Dec 12 Celebrates TV's 25th Anniversary

Silver Screen: Annual 1960 Annette Funicello Look-Alike Contest

Silver Screen: Annual 1965 Dating Set

Silver Screen Teen Album Aug. 1959

Sky Magazine 1994 Jul 07 A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Interview Ad

Soap Opera Weekly 1995 Oct 10 24 Oct: Eva LaRue: A-N-N-E-T-T-E

Soldier 1963 Aug 08 Back Cover Ad for Escapade In Florence

Song Hits: 1959 May Teen-aged Charmer

Song Hits:1960 Mar Your Chance To Write To Annette

Song Hits: 1960 Jun

Song Hits: 1960 Jul P

Song Hits:1960 Sep Contest - Queen of the Hi Fi Scene

Song Hits: 1960 Nov

Song Hits: 1961 Mar Annette Funicello The Beautiful Dreamer

Song Hits:1964 Jan I Won't Go Steady Says Annette

Song Hits: 1966 May What Is Annette's Secret Ambition?

Soupy Sales 1965 Annette on back cover

Southern Living 1988 Dec 12 60 Candles

Sports Illustrated 1997 Winter 02 The Bikini

Star Album: #1 1960 Sep

Star Album:#2 1961 Mar

Star Album:#3 1961 Aug

Star Album: #4 1962 Feb

Star Album: #5 1962

Star Album: #6 1963 Feb Wow, This Is Annette

Stardom:1959 Feb It's So Dramatic To Be Sixteen

Stardom:1959 May Come To My Sweet Sixteen

Stardom: 1959 Jul Party Fun With Annette Funicello

Stardom Annual 1959

Stardom:1960 May Annette Digs Paul Anka

Stardom:1960 Jul How Far Can You Trust Your Girlfriends?

Stardom: 1960 Aug Annette Funicello

Stardom: 1960 Sep Annette's Secret Lover

Stardom: 1960 Oct Gossip

Stardom: 1960 Dec The Happiest Day Of My Life

Stardom: 1961 Feb Sexy? Who, Me?

Stardust Sept. 1959

Star Ledger Dec. 8, 1959

Star Teen Time: 1966 Apr 04 Another Baby For Annette

Star Teen Time: 1966 Jul 07 How Annette Lost 33 Pounds

Star Teen Time: 1966 Sep 09 Annette's New Baby

St. Louis Globe June 24, 1960

Storyboard: 1988 Sep 09 Collecting Disney Movie Momemtos in British Colonies

Storyboard: 1989 Apr 04 As We Continue Through The Years

Storyboard: 1989 Aug 08 Original Mouseketeers

Storyboard: 1990 Apr 04 Secret Passage Game

Star Aug. 12, 1997

Star Album 1962

Stardom Sept. 1960

Starlog 1985 Feb 02 Disney's Oz

Stereo Review 1987 Mar 03 Review of Head

St Louis Post-Dispatch TV Guide 1958 Feb 02 A & Darlene Veteran Mice - Best Loved

St Louis Post-Dispatch TV Guide 1959 Mar 03 Millions Watch Annette Graduating From Girlhood

St Louis Globe Democrat 1960 Jun 06 24 Jun: Coke Time

Sun News Mag 1977 Jan 01 23 Jan: The Mouseketeers, Then And Now

Sunday Camera TV 1995 Oct 10 22 Oct: Boulder Camera, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Sunday News TV Magazine 1977 Oct 10 9 Oct: The 1950s Revisited

Sunday Star Ledger 1959 Dec 12 Disney Protegee Finds Glamor Real Tough Job

Sunday Star Televue 1956 Jun 06 17 Jun:The Comeback of M. Mouse

Sunday Star Televue May 17 1959

Sunday Star TV Magazine 1968 Dec 12 22 Dec:Not A Creature Was Stiring ... Except Mickey Mouse (40th BD)

Sunday Star Washington DC 1960 Dec 12 22 Dec: Except Mickey Mouse

Sunshine & Health 1956 Feb 02 Inside Front Cover

Swingin' Chicks Of The 60's Beach Girls - Annette Funicello (book by Chris Strodder)

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