How to Stuff a Wild Bikini

'Frankie' is in the Naval Reserve and has a six-week stay on a tropical island. There's a girl there that wants to have sex with him, and he's wondering if his girl back home would cheat on him. He talks to the witch doctor (Buster Keaton) and the witch doctor says he'll be able to find out if Frankie's girl is true.

Back at the beach a leopard bikini floating in thin air appears, and the guys want a girl with 36-22-36 measurements to appear in it.

The first time we see Annette this is how she is dressed. On a beach, full sunlight, reading a book. This is carrying prim and proper a little too far.

The girl that appears says he name is Cassandra. If I remember my mythology correctly, Cassandra was under a curse that she could see the future, but no one would believe her when she told them what would happen. ABBA did a good song based on this, also called Cassandra.

The other girls on the beach are instantly jealous of Cassandra.

She's still on the beach reading. Two guys appear from an ad company and one of them comes on to Delores (Annette), but she turns him down. The bird is a spy from the witch doctor.

Later Annette is show again, dressed in even more clothing. This is 24 minutes into the film and so far she's been little more than in a guest appearance role.

These two become friends. Then there's a motorcycle riding scene where it's painfully obvious the girl on the motorcycle with the guy is not Annette.

Another day on the beach and another day in which Annette is overdressed and probably overheated.

The two friends are having dinner and the bird watches them.

Annette is again playing the Dee-Dee character. Although all the others in the room are dancing, she doesn't. When the dancing is over, the guy on the stage asks her to sing.

Annette does her song.

Annette and the 'friend' start to get close.

As in one other movie, there is this picture which, frankly, I can't see why it was allowed. Who would want to compare themselves to Hitler or Mussolini? Eric von Zipper should have had a painting of Napoleon and maybe Alexander the Great or someone like that on the wall.

They keep getting closer. They are about to kiss when the pelican shows up.

Now she's mad at him. There's some very terrible effects here, with the projection on a background and them attempting to make it look like they are walking when it's obvious they are standing in one place all the time.

Annette then does another song.

Annette realizes her boyfriend just might be cheating on her.

She's gotten mad at him again.

She finally kisses the guy.

Before it can go any further, some guy drops in and starts fighting the other guy. Later there's a motorcycle race.

Dee Dee wins a contest and is to go on tour with the guy, but she expects him to marry her first.

Frankie is teleported back to the beach and kisses Dee Dee.

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