Thunder Alley

The movie opens with stock footage of a Nascar race (or races) with quite a few accidents. One driver/character (Tommy) blacks out (not for the first time) and hits another car, which eventually results in the other driver's death. A ref throws him out of the race and bans him from the track.

He can't get a job on the regular circuit, so he tries to get a job at a car thrill circus. Annette is one of the driver's there, making her appearance about ten minutes into the film. There's a bunch of guys that work at one place that really hate Tommy, one in particular, and tries to bully him.

They get into a fight and Tommy beats the guy up, but you know he'll be back to cause more trouble.

Meanwhile the car circus owner sets up a stunt race involving Annette and her boyfriend and Tommy and lots of mud.

Annette does a song 36 minutes into the movie.

Later Annette starts to fall for Tommy, even though he has a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend.

The film actually is one of the best ones, if not the best one, of her films as far as its plot goes, the story making sense.

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