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Tattler 1974 Dec 12 3rd Child For Annette Funicello

Teddy Bear & Friends 1992 Aug 08 Annette Funicello Launches Bear Company

Teddy Bear & Friends 1999 May 05 Annette Funicello Colllectible Bear Company

Teddy Bear & Friends April, 2004

Teddy Bear Review: 1995 Sep 09 Ad For Celeste Angel Bear

Teddy Bear Review: 1996 Aug 08 A Chat With Annette Funicello

Teddy Bear Review: 1996 Sep 09 Expo West

Teddy Bear Review: 1998 Apr 09 Annette Returns To Disneyland

Teddy Bear Review: 2001 May 05 Sweetheart Deal

Teddy Bear Times 1997 Sep 09 Like Bees to Honey

Teen: 1959 Jan.

Teen: 1959 Apr She's Neat, She's for Real

Teen:1959 Jun Luau

Teen Aug. 1959

Teen: 1959 Sep Where Are They Now?

Teen: 1959 Oct Fads And Favorites Of The Stars

Teen: 1959 Dec Annette's Fun Diet

Teen: 1960 Jan My Crazy Calendar

Teen April 1960

Teen: 1960 May Teen Pan Alley

Teen July 1960

Teen:1960 Aug My Crazy Calendar

Teen:1960 Sep My Crazy Calendar

Teen: 1960 Oct A Beautiful Mouse Turns Sweet Sixteen/My Crazy Calendar

Teen: 1960 Nov My Crazy Calendar

Teen: 1960 Dec The Big Threes

Teen Jan. 1961

Teen: 1961 Feb My Crazy Calendar

Teen: 1961 Mar Pic Of Annette And Paul Anka

Teen: 1961 Apr The New Annette

Teen: 1961 May My Crazy Calendar

Teen: 1961 Jun My Crazy Calendar/Pic And Small Article

Teen: 1961 Jul My Crazy Calendar (Last Episode)

Teen: 1961 Aug The Annette No One Knows

Teen: 1961 Sep My Fair & Frantic Hollywood

Teen: 1961 Oct Will Annette Ever Be A Bride

Teen: 1961 Dec Annette's Holiday Surprise

Teen: 1962 Jan How Stars Spend Their Money

Teen: 1962 Mar My Calendar

Teen: 1962 Jun How Hollywood's Younger Set Spends Money

Teen: Aug. 1962

Teen: 1962 Sep Teen Pan Alley

Teen: 1962 Dec We're Grown Up Now

Teen: 1963 Mar Truth About Teasing

Teen: 1963 Aug

Teen: 1963 Sep

Teen: 1963 Oct Mouseketeers

Teen: 1964 Apr How Little Girls Grow Up In Hollywood

Teen:1964 Jun Tanfastic Ad

Teen: 1964 Nov Wedding Bells for Annette

Teen: 1965 Jan What Is Femininity

Teen: 1965 Jul Coppertone Ad

Teen: 1965 Sep Monkey's Uncle

Teen: 1987 Dec Beach Party Revisited

Teen: 1959 Aug 08 She Dearly Wants A Date With Fabian

Teen: 1961 18 And Ready For Love

Teen: 1962 Accent On Sophistication

Teen: 1964 A Mind (But Not A Love) Of Her Own

Teen: 1967 Why Annette Is Terrified For Her Baby's Life

Teen Beat 1987 Oct 10 Back To The Beach w/Tommy, Lori, Frankie & Annette!

Teen Circle 1965 Oct 10 Annie Got Her Agent

Teen Digest 1960 Jul 07 Paul & Annette Talk About Their Friendship

Teen Life June 1962

Teen Life July 1962

Teen Hop 1960 Aug 08 Annette's New Romance

Teen Parade 1960 Aug 08

Teen Photo Album 1963 Picture and Bio

Teen Pin-ups: 1962 Jul

Teen Pin-ups: 1962 Oct

Teen Pin-ups: 1962 Nov

Teen Pin-ups: 1963 May

Teen Pin-ups: 1963 Jul

Teen Pin-ups: 1963 Sep Life Stories Of The Stars

Teen Pin-ups: 1964 Jan Shelley & Annette We're 2 Girls With 3 Love Secrets

Teen Pin-ups: 1964 Apr Get The Shelley & Annette Look

Teen Pin-ups: 1964 Nov

Teen Pin-ups: 1965 Feb

Teen Pin-ups:1965 Mar

Teen Pin-ups: 1965 June

Teen Scrapbook: 1965 Apr 04 What We Think Of Pajama Parties

Teen Scrapbook:#6 1965 Aug 08 Annette & Shelley Go On A Swingin' Shopping Spree

Teen Scrapbook: #7 1965 Sep 09 Gossip

Teen Scrapbook: 1966 Feb 02 Annette We Love You

Teen Screen: 1959 Dec From Annette's Mailbag

Teen Screen: 1960 Jul Trade Places With Annette

Teen Screen: 1960 Aug Double Date

Teen Screen: 1960 Nov Centerfold

Teen Screen: 1961 Jan Annette in England

Teen Screen: 1961 May Diggin' Deane

Teen Screen: 1961 Aug Wallet Photos

Teen Screen: 1961 Sep Annette's Real Love

Teen Screen:1961 Oct Annette in England

Teen Screen: 1961 Nov Digging Deane

Teen Screen: 1962 Jan Annette Centerfold

Teen Screen: 1962 Mar Contest - Win Fabulous Wardrobe Accessories

Teen Screen:1962 May What We Really Think Of Annette

Teen Screen: 1962 Sep Annette Models Fall Fashions

Teen Screen:1962 Oct The Western Revival ... In Fashions That Is!

Teen Screen: 1962 Nov Teen Screen Modeling Program

Teen Screen: 1962 Dec Cover Only

Teen Screen: 1963 Jan Annette Says, "I'm A Woman Now"

Teen Screen: 1963 Mar Annette

Teen Screen: 1963 Jun Back Cover Only

Teen Screen: 1963 Sep Eddie Hodges Birthday Party

Teen Screen: 1963 Oct Win Paintings From Annette

Teen Screen: 1963 Nov Horsing Around With Annette

Teen Screen:1963 Dec Teen Screen Modeling Program

Teen Screen: 1964 Feb Star Confessions

Teen Screen:1964 Apr Hollywood's Most Beautiful Plumber

Teen Screen: 1964 Nov Win a Phone Call From Annette & Tommy Kirk

Teen Screen: 1965 Jan Dear Annette: Your Best Wishes To Our Best Gal

Teen Screen: 1965 Mar Annette's Wedding

Teen Screen: Anniversary Album 1963 Photo Only

Teen Screen: Pin-up Album #1 1963 Full Color Pin-up

Teen Secrets 1960 Mar 03 Annette's Private Desires

Teen Star Album: Album #1 1961

Teen Star Album: #2 1961

Teen Star Album: #3 1962

Teen Star Album: #5 1962 The Real Annette Funicello

Teen Star Album: #8 1963

Teen Star Album: #9 1964 Life Stories

Teen Stars Yearbook 1964 #10 Photo Only

Teen Stars Yearbook 1966 #12 Swinging Surfers

Teen Time: 1961 Aug Tips For Teens

Teen Time: 1961 Oct How To Be A Babe In Boyland

Teen Time: 1962 Feb Guest Star Editor

Teen Time: 1962 May

Teen Time: 1962 Nov The Night I Met Shelly & Annette

Teen Time: 1962 Dec Please Don't Say I'm Feuding With Haley

Teen Time: 1963 Jan When Boys Want To Use Me

Teen Time: 1963 Feb Win a Stuffed Animal from Annette

Teen Time: 1963 Mar Miss Teen Star

Teen Time: 1963 Apr US Teens A Nation Of Cheats

Teen Time Sept. 9, 1966

Teen Trends 1965 Nov 11 I'd Like To Star Again, but...

Teenagers' Weekly 1960 Jun 06 29: (Australian) Back Cover Only

Teenagers' Weekly 1961 Feb 02 1: (Australian) Will She Be Another Elizabeth Taylor?

Teens Today 1961 Feb 02 Personalities We Could Happily Live Without

Teens Top 10 1966 Feb 02 Frankie & Annette: Will Parenthood Spoil Their Success?

Teen World: 1961 Feb Hints For A Terrific Party

Teen World: 1961 Jun P

Teen World: 1961 Aug Annette They Are Talking About You?

Teen World: 1961 Sep

Teen World: 1962 Feb Annette + Brenda = Crash

Teen World: 1962 Mar Special Panel: You Can Throw A Great Party w/A, Brenda & Debbie

Teen World: 1962 Apr

Teen World: 1962 Jul Annette Special Surprise

Teen World: 1962 Sep Annette Brenda Debby On A Spree!

Teen World: 1962 Oct If I Had One Wish (Annette, Brenda, Debbie)

Teen World: 1962 Dec

Teen World: 1963 Jan Annette Brenda Debby - The Greatest Days Of Their Lives

Teen World: 1963 Feb

Teen World: 1963 May

Teen World: 1963 Jun Are The Girls Feuding

Teen World: 1963 Oct Scoops Out On

Teen World: 1963 Nov Annette

Teen World: 1964 Jan Shelley & Annette: 7 1/2 Mistakes

Teen World: 1964 Feb Shelley & Annette: We Found A Way

Teen World: 1964 Apr

Teen World: 1964 Aug

Teen World: 1964 Sep

Teen World: 1964 Oct P

Television Times 1989 Jul 07 15 Jul: Cover Only

The Dial Bring Back The Ears

The Disney Channel Feb. 1985

The Woman 1975 Aug 08 Annette Funicello's Family & Family Recipes

The Woman Magazine 1974 Aug 08 How Annette Stays Slim & Pretty at 32

Thriftimart TV Log 1968 Dec 12 Week's Highlights (Mickey's 40th)

Tiger Beat: 1965 Sep The Beach Party Gang

Tiger Beat: 1965 Oct The Beach Party Gang

Tiger Beat: 1965 Nov The Beach Party Gang

Tiger Beat: 1972 Dec Gossip

Tiger Beat:1975 Jun Annette & The Mouseketeers

Tiger Beat: 1975 Jul Annette & The Mouseketeers

Tiger Beat: 1975 Aug Annette & The Mouseketeers

Tiger Beat: 1987 Sep 09 Back To The Beach

Times Picayune 1985 Feb 02 25 Feb: Italians Put On Kissing Show At St. Joseph's Day Parade

Tinseltown Teddies 1996 We Sincerely Thank

Toledo Blade Pictorial 1958 Oct 10 Out On A Limb

Tolmart's Disneyana Update 1994 #2 Book Review: A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Top Hit Club News Vol 6 #3: Covering A Star: Annette Funicello

Top Stars 1959 Nov 11 Annette Funicello

Top Stars 1960 Jan 01 How To Beat Those Teenage Blues

Top Teen Stars: 1962 No. 1:Annette Funicello Story

Top Teen Stars: 1963 Small Picture On Back Cover

Top Teen Stars: 1964 Sep 09 10 Crazy Things To Do At The Beach

Top Teen Stars: 1964 Oct 10 60 Stars Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Moments

Toronto Star Weekly Magazine 1960 Dec 12 31 Dec: Why do Teenagers Worship Phony Idols?

TV and Movie Album: #3 1963 Why Are They Laughing At Me?

TV and Movie Album:#4 1963 How To Say No and Make It Stick

TV and Movie Album: #5 1963 Annette & Paul Petersen: Their Get Lost Lists

TV and Movie Album: #6 1963 Connie & Annette Desperate To Marry

TV and Movie Album: #7 1964 The Man Who Got Annette To Strip Tease

TV and Movie Album: #8 1964 Once A Girl ... And Now A Woman

TV and Movie Screen Nov. 1959

TV and Screen Life Feb. 1960

TV and Screen Life Aug. 1960

TV Cable Week 1983 Aug 08 21-27 Aug Whatever Happened To Uncle Walt's Diz-Kids?

TV Film Stars 1960 Look Before You Weep, Girls

TV Film Stars 1961 Feb 02

TV Gold 1987 Jan 01 Mickey Mouse Club

TV Graphic 1959 Apr 04 Mouseketeers Star Alumna

TV Guide: 1955 Sept. 24

TV Guide: 1955 Oct 10 1-7: Mickey Mouse Club

TV Guide: 1956 Jun 06 2 Jun: The Birth Of A Mouseketeer

TV Guide: 1956 Dec 8 Dec:Riding The Comeback Trail

TV Guide: 1957 Jun 06 1-7: Spin & Marty

TV Guide: 1958 May 24: Fair Weather Ahead

TV Guide: 1959 Feb 21: So Long Mickey

TV Guide: 1959 Jun 20: Six Young Actresses

TV Guide: 1959 Sep 09 24 Sep: For The Youngsters

TV Guide: 1960 Jan. 1

TV Guide: 1960 Jun 06 25

TV Guide: 1961 Sep 09 30-6: Ad For Horsemasters

TV Guide: 1962 Mar 03 24-30: Right Before Your Eyes

TV Guide: 1963 Oct 10 12-18: Idol Of Little Boys

TV Guide: 1964 Apr 04 4 Apr: Close-ups: Ernie Ford w/Jack Benny & Annette Funicello

TV Guide 1965 Oct 10 21-27 Oct: 9 Niños a Go-Go

TV Guide June, 1975

TV Guide Dec. 1975

TV Guide: 1980 Nov 11 22-29: Mouseketeer Reunion

TV Guide: 1984 Nov 11 3-10: You Can Go Home Again

TV Guide: 1985 JUn 06 7 Jun: Say Cheese

TV Guide: 1985 Dec 12 21-27: Video Cassette Report on MMC

TV Guide: 1989 Apr 04 22: Boys Sent Engagement Rings

TV Guide: 1994 Jun 06 4 Jun: Interview - Annette Funicello

TV Guide: 1995 Sep 09 23 Sep:A "Dream" Job For Children Star

TV Guide: 1995 Oct 10 21-27: A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

TV Headliner 1960 Jan 01 Why Annette Had To Leave Home

TV Home News

TV Host 1995 Oct 10 Catch Up With America's Sweetheart

TV Life: July 13 1957

TV Life: Nov. 15, 1957

TV Life: August 1958

TV Life: Oct. 1958

TV Life: December 1958

TV Life: Feb. 1959

TV Life: August, 1959

TV Life: Sept. 1959

TV Life: January 1960

TV Life 1960 Mar 03

TV Life: July 1960

TV Life: August 1960

TV Life: Jan 1961

TV Life: June, 1961

TV Life: August 1961

TV Life: July 1962

TV Magazine 1965 Oct 10 Oct 22-27: Daily Breeze: Annette & Eva LaRue

TV Magazine Oct. 5-15 1977

TV Movie Album #4 1963 Is It Normal To Outgrow Your Friends?

TV Movie Album #6 1963 Love … of … Annette …

TV Movie Album #8 1964 Annette: Once A Girl; Now A Woman

TV Movie & Record Stars June 1959

TV Movie & Record Stars 1959 Oct 10 How I Feel About Boys

TV Movie & Record Stars 1959 Dec 12 One Boy Is Not Enough

TV Movie & Record Stars 1960 Feb 02 Is Annette Staying Steady

TV Movie Men 1961 #3 Girls Hollywood Bachelors Date Most And Why

TV Movie Screen July 1960

TV Movie Screen:1958 Aug Sweet Sixteen, Almost

TV Movie Screen: 1958 Nov How I Handle My Dates

TV Movie Screen: 1959 Jun Day & Night With Hollywood's Fab Teen Stars

TV Movie Screen: 1959 July Annette Funicello: Nobody's Baby Now

TV Movie Screen: 1959 Aug Foursomes Are Fabulous

TV Movie Screen: 1959 Sep Is Annette Feuding With Guy Williams

TV Movie Screen: 1959 Oct.

TV Movie Screen: 1959 Nov Annette's Torch Song

TV Movie Screen: 1959 Dec 12

TV Movie Screen: 1960 Jan

TV Movie Screen: 1960 Mar Don't Be Surprised If Annette & Paul Anka Elope

TV Movie Screen: 1960 Apr Questions Stars Try To Avoid

TV Movie Screen: 1960 May Annette's 44 Nights Away From Home

TV Movie Screen: 1960 Jun Annette's New Thrill

TV Movie Screen: 1960 Jul Annette's Summer Romance

TV Movie Screen: 1960 Aug Up In The Air About A New Guy

TV Movie Screen: 1960 Nov I'm Having Fun With My Reputation

TV Movie Screen: 1960 Dec Three Dreamy Dates on One Swingin' Day

TV Movie Screen: 1961 Jan

TV Movie Screen: 1961 Feb Annette & Paul Anka: I Love Him - I Can't Stand Him

TV Movie Screen: 1961 Apr We Predict: Annette Will Be Hollywood's Next Teenage Bride

TV Movie Screen: 1961 Jun What European Boys Do On Dates

TV Movie Screen: 1961 Jul Annette's Riding High

TV Movie Screen: 1961 Aug Gossip

TV Movie Screen: 1961 Sep Lets Spend The Day With Annette

TV Movie Screen: 1961 Dec Annette Funicello Teenage Clothes

TV Movie Screen March 1962

TV Movie Screen: 1962 Apr What The Stars Do On Dates

TV Movie Screen: June 1962

TV Movie Screen: 1962 Sep Kookiest Romance On Sunset Strip

TV Movie Screen: 1963 Feb Hollywood's Fake & Real Love Affairs

TV Movie Screen: 1963 Apr What To Do When He Breaks Your Heart

TV Movie Screen: 1963 Jul I Stole Another Woman's Man

TV Movie Screen Oct. 10, 1963

TV Movie Screen: 1964 Oct Hollywood's Sizzling Triangle! Ann-Margret, Jack Gilardi & Annette

TV Movie Screen: 1964 Dec We Fell In Love Twice

TV Movie Screen: 1965 Apr Here Comes The Bride

TV Movie Screen: 1965 Aug Annette Funicello: She's Knitting Booties

TV Movie Screen: 1965 Sep I Didn't Want Her To Have This Baby

TV Movie Screen: 1965 Nov Gossip

TV Movie Screen: 1966 Jan We Couldn't Be Happier

TV Movie Screen: 1966 Mar Annette Funicello - Jack Gilardi Promise To God: We'll Have All The Babies You Want

TV Movie Screen: 1967 Jun The Pill That Will Make You Gorgeous

TV Movie Screen July 1973

TV Movie Screen Oct. 1973

TV Movies Today 1970 Jun 06 Annette & Frankie's 1970 Love War (1/3 pg only)

TV News Annette One Time Mouseketeer Darling Is Growing Up

TV News June 14, 1958

TV News Aug. 2, 1958

TV News Times (Australia) 1959 Jun 06 20 Jun: Story of Her Own At Last

TV Photo Story 1966 Feb 02 Top Stars Speak Frankly About Their Love Lives

TV Pictorial July 1960

TV Picture Life Dec. 1958

TV Picture Life May 1959

TV Picture Life June 1959

TV Picture Life Nov. 1959

TV Picture Life Jan 1960

TV Picture Life March 1960

TV Picture Life May 1960

TV Picture Life July 1960

TV Picture Life Aug. 1960

TV Picture Life Sept. 1960

TV Picture Life Oct. 1960

TV Picture Life Nov. 1960

TV Picture Life Dec. 1960

TV Picture Life Jan. 1961

TV Picture Life Feb. 1961

TV Picture Life March 1961

TV Picture Life April 1961

TV Picture Life May 1961

TV Picture Life June 1961

TV Picture Life July 1961

TV Picture Life Aug. 1961

TV Picture Life March 1965

TV Prevue 1959 Chicago Sun Times Magazine, 24-30

TV Radio Album: 1959

TV Radio Album: 1961 On The Move

TV Radio Album: 1962 On The Discs

TV Radio Album: 1964 What's Wrong W/Crazy Kid Stuff

TV Radio Album: 1965 Petticoat Parade

TV Radio Album: 1966 A Girl Is A Girl Is A Girl

TV Radio Annual: 1956 Mickey Mouse Club

TV Radio Annual: 1960

TV Radio Annual: 1961 Swinging Up A Storm

TV Radio Annual: 1962

TV Radio Annual:1963 What Happened To:

TV Radio Annual: 1964

TV Radio Annual: 1965 News Of The Year

TV Radio Annual: 1966 In The News

TV Radio Life: 1955 Oct Disney Builds A New Mouse

TV Radio Life: 1956 Aug The Mouseketeers Hit The Road

TV Radio Life: 1957 Apr What The MMC Did To Them

TV Radio Life: 1957 Jul Darlene & Annette: America's Top Teenage Stars

TV Radio Life: 1957 Nov The Truth Behind The Rumors

TV Radio Life: 1057 Dec

TV Radio Life: 1958 Aug What Will Happen To The Mouseketeers Now?

TV Radio Mirror: 1956 Nov Photo with Bio

TV Radio Mirror: 1957 Feb Tim Takes A Spin

TV Radio Mirror: 1957 May Mickey The Magnificent

TV Radio Mirror: 1957 Jul The Dolly Princess

TV Radio Mirror: 1958 Jan That Livin' Doll Darlene

TV Radio Mirror: 1958 Aug Summer Skating Is Fun

TV Radio Mirror: 1958 Nov Annette's Seventeenth Birthday (?)

TV Radio Mirror: 1959 May Why Going Steady

TV Radio Mirror: 1959 Jun Danny Thomas Talks About Teenagers (3 pgs)

TV Radio Mirror: 1959 Aug Who Said, "Sweet Sixteen"?

TV Radio Mirror: 1959 Nov

TV Radio Mirror: 1960 Oct Pretty Young

TV Radio Mirror: 1960 Nov

TV Radio Mirror: 1961 Jan Lucky Dozen Contest

TV Radio Mirror: 1961 Nov The Disney Studio

TV Radio Mirror July 1962

TV Radio Mirror: 1963 Jun Why Does Everyone Get Married But Me

TV Radio Mirror: 1964 Mar A Girl Becomes a Woman

TV Radio Mirror: 1964 Aug From Donna Reed To Shelley Fabares

TV Radio Mirror: 1964 Sep Shelley Fabares Wedding

TV Radio Mirror: 1964 Oct Annette's Love Insurance

TV Radio Mirror April 1965

TV Radio Mirror: 1965 Jul

TV Radio Mirror: 1965 Aug

TV Radio Mirror: 1965 Dec Stars Who Work With Their Mates

TV Radio Mirror: 1969 Jul Tyke Talk

TV Radio Mirror: 1970 May Plastic Surgery And The Stars

TV Radio Mirror Feb. 1973

TV Radio Mirror April 1975

TV Radio Movie Guide 1966 Dec 12 Why They Can Never Corrupt Me

TV Radio Movie Reporter 1964 Mar 03 When A Girl Becomes A Woman

TV Radio Show 1972 Mar 03 I'd Like To See More Of: Annette

TV Radio Talk 1979 Apr 04 Gossip

TV Screen Life: 1959 Oct Annette Funicello's Guidebook for Teens

TV Screen Life: 1960 Feb nnette's Big Problem - Paul, Frankie & Fabian

TV Screen Life: 1960 Jun I Interviewed My Teacher

TV Screen Life: 1960 Jul Annette & Paul Anka

TV Screen Life: 1960 Aug Annette's Diary (16th birthday hayride)

TV Screen Life: 1960 Oct The Truth About My Leaving Home

TV Screen Life: 1961 Jan Please Paul Try To Understand Me

TV Screen Parade 1960 Jul 07 The Boys In Annette's Diary

TV Screen Star Annual 1966 Annette's Year Of Motherhood

TV Screen World: 1960 Jan Night That Broke Annette's Heart

TV Screen World: 1960 Mar Annette Needs Your Help

TV Screen World: 1960 May Double Dating Is The Greatest

TV Screen World: 1960 Jul We Love You, Annette

TV Screen World: 1963 Jun Is Annette The Kind Of Girl Men Marry

TV Screen World: 1963 Sep How Did SHE Get To Be A Star?

TV Show 1959 Sep 09 Analyzing Annette

TV Show 1959 Nov 11 I Want An Older Man (4 pgs)

TV Star Album 1960 Sep 09 Photo Only

TV Star Annual: #2 1956 Dramatic Headlines

TV Star Annual: #6 1959 Annette Funicello

TV Star Annual #7 1959

TV Star Annual: #8 1960 Disc Dolls Annette

TV Star Annual: #9 1960 Funicello Is For Fun

TV Star Annual: #10 1961 Here's Annette

TV Star Annual: #11 1961 The New Annette

TV Star Annual: #13 1962 World Traveler

TV Star Annual: #14 1962 Year of Motherhood

TV Star Annual: #15 1963

TV Star Annual: #17 1964

TV Star Annual: #18 1964 Her Biggest Role

TV Star Annual: #19 1965 Lullabyes Are Lovlier

TV Star Annual: #20 1965 Headline Happenings

TV Star Annual: 1975 May Birth of Jason

TV Star Parade: 1958 Jun Fun Type Doll

TV Star Parade: Aug. 1959

TV Star Parade: March 1960

TV Star Parade: 1959 Apr Is Annette Traveling Too Far Too Fast

TV Star Parade: 1959 May Secret Of Annette's Popularity

TV Star Parade: 1959 June

TV Star Parade July 1959

TV Star Parade: 1959 Aug One Kiss Away From Love

TV Star Parade: 1959 Sep Why Boys Call Annette Twice

TV Star Parade: 1959 Oct Please Help Me

TV Star Parade: 1959 Nov Come Visit Annette

TV Star Parade: 1959 Dec What's Ahead For Annette At 17

TV Star Parade:1960 Jan What's A Poor Girl To Do

TV Star Parade:1960 Feb Gossip

TV Star Parade:1960 Mar What's She Saying

TV Star Parade: 1960 Apr What Does Your Name Mean

TV Star Parade: 1960 Jun Please Don't Copy Liz

TV Star Parade:1960 Jul

TV Star Parade: 1960 Aug Wedding Day Dreams

TV Star Parade:1960 Sep I'm A Big Girl Now

TV Star Parade:1960 Nov The Young Set

TV Star Parade: 1961 Feb How To Date The Stars

TV Star Parade:1961 Apr Teens In Hollywood

TV Star Parade: 1961 May

TV Star Parade:1961 Aug A Miss Should Kiss

TV Star Parade: 1961 Oct

TV Star Parade:1961 Dec Gossip

TV Star Parade: 1962 Feb My Worst Fight With My Parents

TV Star Parade: 1962 Mar Will The Scar Show?

TV Star Parade: 1962 Apr Annette's In Love

TV Star Parade:1962 May What Bob Logan Did To Annette

TV Star Parade: 1962 Jun Every Time I See Him I Cry

TV Star Parade: 1962 Aug Whisper That Ruined Their Friendship

TV Star Parade Oct. 1962

TV Star Parade Oct. 1966

TV Star Parade:1963 Jan The Magic of Christmas

TV Star Parade:1963 Mar Wedding Day Dreams

TV Star Parade: 1963 Apr What The Easter Bunny Brought Annette

TV Star Parade: 1963 Jun Look Like A Star

TV Star Parade: 1963 Aug Did Annette Leave More Than Heart In Italy

TV Star Parade:1963 Oct What Happened To Her Smile?

TV Star Parade: 1963 Nov Wonderful First Date With Dick Chamberlain

TV Star Parade: 1964 Jan How The Stars Faced Death

TV Star Parade: 1964 Mar Full Page Color Picture

TV Star Parade: 1964 Jun Pin-up Calendar

TV Star Parade:1964 Jul Am I Losing Annette

TV Star Parade: 1964 Oct He's A Real Man

TV Star Parade: 1964 Dec Wedding Announcement

TV Star Parade: 1965 Feb The Poor Man Only Got Three Hours Sleep

TV Star Parade:1965 Jul Annette's Wedding Promise To Jack

TV Star Parade: 1965 Oct Who Will Fill Annette's Bikini

TV Star Parade: 1965 Dec Between You And Me

TV Star Parade: 1966 Oct Every Day Is Mother's Day For Annette

TV Star Parade: 1967 Mar Ask Annette

TV Star Parade:1967 Apr Ask Annette

TV Star Parade: Annual 1962 Grown-up Heartbreaker

TV This Week 1957 Nov 11 2 Nov: Showcase

TV This Week 1957 Dec 12 28 Dec:Mouseketeers Make New Resolutions

TV This Week 1958 May 24 May:Annette W D's Most Popular Mouseketeer Is Growing Up

TV Time 1995 Oct 10 Orlando Sentinel, 22-28 Oct, A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

TV Time 1995 Oct 10 LA Times, 1-7 Oct, Mickey Mouse Club

TV Times 1964 Sep 09 Mouseketeer In Love (Australian)

TVs New Stars 1962 Photo Only

TV's Top 10 1961 Nov 11 Annette There've Been Some Changes Made

TV's Top 10 1962 #2 Shelley & Annette On A Love Hunt

TV's Top 10 1962 #3 Photo Only

TV Top Stars: 1960 Junior Miss In High Heels

TV Top Stars: 1961 Fame's Not Always Fun

TV Top Stars: 1962 Living Doll In Living Color

TV Top Stars: 1963

TV Top Stars: 1965 Living Doll In Living Color

TV Top Stars: 1966 The Most Wonderful Night Of Her Life

TV Town 1964 Dec 12 A Marriage-Go-Round For Keeps (A Better Mouseketeer Trap)

TV Yearbook: #5 1958 Must The Mouseketeers Be Broken Up?

TV Yearbook:#6 1959 TV's Top Stars

TV Yearbook: #7 1960 Annette's Glamorous Dates

TV Yearbook: #8 1960 Everybody Flips For This Teen Chick

TV Yearbook: #9 1961 Is She Heading For A Fall?

TV Yearbook: #10 1961

TV Yearbook: #11 1962 Stars Help You Select ?? & Hairstyles

TV Yearbook: #12 1962 Suddenly She's A Woman

TV Yearbook: #14 1963

TV Yearbook: #15 1963

TV Yearbook: #17 1965 How Married Couples Make Love

TV Yearbook: 1967 Who's Who In TV

TV Yearbook: 1971 Yesterday's Child Stars

TV Week Feb. 7, 1959

TV World: 1959 May

TV World: 1959 Jun

TV World: 1959 Jul Love At First Sight

TV World: 1959 Oct Look Like A Star

TV World: 1962 Sep Single Girls Alone

TV World: 1963 Jan How I Let Men Know I'm Not A Kid

TV World: 1963 Mar Watch Out For Those European Girl Chasers

TV World: 1966 Nov Annette Story

Twenty Years of Star 1994 Sum 06 Distress Signals

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