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A Backstage Party (1961)

A Mouseketeer Christmas Party in Yuba City

A Girl Needs A Boy

All My Loving

Among the Young

And So its Goodbye

Annette 1980 reunion

Annette at Disneyland

Annette ballet

Annette dancing

Annette Disnelyand 30th ann.

Annette interview

Annette on Campus

Annette Funicello Interviewed On Television Program

Annette and Skippy

Annette and Skippy 2

Annette and Skippy 3

Another interview

How To Stuff a Wild Bikini

Annette at Disneyland

Annette: Babes in Toyland

Annette Funicello in Bikini Beach

Annettte Funicello in Horsemasters

Annette Funicello in Lots of Luck

Annette Funicello in Love Boat Promises

Annette Funicello in Baby-doll silk pajamas

Annette in Tunder Alley

Annette makes rare appearance at a doll show

Annette at New York World's Fair

Annette on Hollywood Palace

Annette on Hullabaloo

Annette Pinup Pictures

Annette in Tight Dress

Annette Teenage Wedding

Annette the Serial

This Time Its Love

There has to Be A Reason

Annette in Spin and Marty

Annette in New Adventures of Spin and Marty

Annette Promise Me Anything

Annette Threatened by Evil Witch

Annette and Frankie Interview

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