Zorro and the Mystery of Don Cabrillo

Part 1

Annette plays the part of a girl that has been in Spain and is returning to her father's home. The problem is that once she is in the town it seems that no one there has heard of her father or her home.

Don Diego and others go through all the official papers they can find and there is no mention of her father. Further, someone tries to grab her through the window and later someone warns her to go back to Spain, that Los Angeles is too dangerous for her.

Part 2

The situation gets worse for the girl as no one is believing what she is saying. Further, the letters she claims she has from her father are missing. There is a shadow that keeps appearing that no one sees but the viewers of someone trying to take her.

Annette sings her song Lonely Guitar during this part. Later two guys try to kill her.

Part 3

There is finally some indisputable evidence that Anita (Annette) is telling the truth about her father. They allow her to stay longer rather than returning right away to Spain. Two guys find her father and kidnap him, get money from her and then plan to kill her and her father, but Zorro saves the day.

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