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Boyd's Bear





Mrs. Tilliwink

Lola Bunny

Pat the Bunny


Some explanations

The first row

The Boyd's Bear was a present given to me. The Boyd's Bears series are very nicely made bears and the bigger ones are quite heavy, actually.Honey and Pur are my two biggest bunnies. I got both of them at a local Thriftway.Mary and Henry are two of my older bunnies.

The second row

Mrs. Tilliwink is one of my favorite bunnies. Helen Alexis Marie was born June 15, 2002 at the Build-a-Bear-Workshop store nearby. Seeing your own stuffed animal coming to life right in front of your eyes is really neat! The last three in that row are from a local T.J. Maxx store which has lots of stuffed animals at really good prices.

The third row

The first bunny is Lola Bunny. The next one is Pat the Bunny (also from the local T.J. Maxx store). The next bunny is always leaning forward so I had to prop her up on a book. The grey bunny to her right is Hopper from Ty bunnies. The last one is another present, from Hallmark, part of its Bunnies by the Bay series.

The fourth row

The first bunny is a nice small purple one while the second is a larger bunny with a beautiful flower in its paws. The next two look somewhat like each other, but the first a small bunny and the other is somewhat larger. The last one is a larger Ty bunny.

The fifth row

The first bunny is yet another one I got at the T.J. Maxx store. The next two look a lot like each other but they're not actually related. The next one almost looks like it's all hair! It's another Ty bunny. The last one isn't really a stuffed bunny, but it's still a really nice one that I got at a local garage sale.

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