Refreshing Look (1950's)

The video is about Vendo, a company that was trying to get business owners to buy a new Vendo, stocked with Coca Cola.

Opening Title

The film starts off about how there is a lot of building of homes and new businesses.

Today's marketplace is an exciting festival, says the announcer. The product shapes and sizes are designed for interest and impact.

What in the world is this type of car? It looks like a cat from the front, sort of.

The film then goes into a section where it talks about business, business buildings being modern and pleasant to work in, and how this relates to the design of new products and advertisements for them.

It's almost five minutes into the film before Coca Cola is even mentioned. The guy talking is a designer, and he starts talking about Coca Cola coolers designed by the Vendo company. It's 'the million dollar line.'

He picks up one model and starts talking about the lighted sign for more selling efficiency, the objects corners, etc. He talks about the 'design balance' of the line of vending machines and their 'crisp, clean look.'

Then he talks about how the coolers are tested. Then he talks about specific vending machines.

Then it shows how various parts of the machine are made.

The new V-126 which has 'sales appeal.'

The V-63 is discussed by a (probably fake) salesman who is asked how he would get business prospects to commit to buying the cooler. Then a different (fake) salesman talks to a (fake) gas station owner about how a different model would help bring customers in. Profit is also discussed for the machines. Another (fake) salesman talks about the eye appeal of the machines.

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