Member of the Family

A 1954 film about the Philippines.

The film starts out by saying that wherever you are, each person likes to be a member of the family.

A member of the group, a desired part of daily living. Note the whole pig. 'All of us like to belong.'

Then it talks about sports teams and how people play together for enjoyment.

'Whatever sport you enjoy, wherever you are, there's another friendly member of the family,' the announcer says, and we see a Coca Cola booth. 'A trusted friend of many years standing. '

Then it talks about the 'welcome phrase of hospitality, let's have a Coke.'

In colleges or elementary schools, 'Coca Cola just naturally belongs.'

Then it goes on about Coca Cola in hospitals. 'Known and accepted everywhere for its purity and uniform quality.'

Then, in an absolutely stupid mismatching of image and words, the announcer continues to say 'in joy and happiness to everyone' while this image is being shown. Excuse me, but didn't anybody proof this film before its release? This reminds me of a program I was watching on the Shroud of Turin. It went to a commercial for, get this, blood stain remover! Wake up, people!

Then we're back to parties at home where 'Coca Cola belongs.'

The cart the guy is pushing is interesting.

Notice he's having to take real chunks of ice and cut them up for the cooler.

Then the film goes into 'the art of glass making' which begins with sand.

The molten sand (and other materials) dropping into bottle molds.

The machines 'press the liquid glass' into the proper shape. Note the still glowing glass on the left.

'Delicious, refreshing, ice-cold coca cola.'

Then it shows the bottles going into a washing machine and then being filled with the Coca Cola.

'Pure, refreshing' are the words used to describe the soft drink. Notice the now-collectible wooden cases.

Then they have someone sing a song.

Then the film goes on to show various short scenes from home, sports, etc, saying that wherever you are, there is Coca Cola.

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