Pearl of the Orient


The film starts showing a Philippine dance that involves moving your feet between bamboo poles that are themselves being moved.

The film title is then displayed.

Then the movie starts talking about the Philippines.

Four minutes into the film the product's name is finally mentioned.

'Here, indeed, is a pleasant and delightful beverage.'

'Made in the Philippines, by the people of the Philippines, for the Philippines.'

'A refreshing custom.'

People working in the sugar cane fields. Reference is made to how the sugar from the sugar cane is used in Coca Cola.

The juice is extracted from the sugar cane.

The film talks about the pureness of the sugar and the wholesomeness of Coca Cola.

A few scenes from a 1954 film are spliced into this newer film.

Various places in the Philippines where Coca Cola is bottled. The film is also repeating over and over the 'highest quality' aspect of Coca Cola. Then it goes into the bottling process itself, again repeating some scenes from the Member of the Family 1954 film.

Then it goes into how the bottles are shipped to various markets.

The film goes into bottle-making, again repeating material from the 1954 film.

It then adds some new material about the making of the metal caps.

The film is tying in the final product, Coca Cola, to the various industries that are used to make it, such the glass-making/bottling plant, the agricultural field, the plants that produce the metal camps, and the various forms of transportation used to deliver the final product. It also talks about increased employment among the industries.

Here's a cooler being made.

Sign production/advertising is also discussed.

Then it repeats more scenes from Member of the Family, and also repeats some of the same dialogue from the earlier film. Actually, the film repeats quite a bit of the earlier film. It even repeats the entire song that was done in the earlier film.

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