Merchandising The Dark Crystal

Starlog #66. 1983

People have been curious about Dark Crystal since Starlog ran pictures from it last December. Then, there were the tantalizing trailers attached to the summer's prints of Conan and E.T.. Now, just in time for Christmas and the film's December 17 release, more and more stores are stocking Dark Crystal products.

Brian Froud's production art for the film has been collected in a handsome trade paperback entitled The World of the Dark Crystal, out in October. A handful of Dark Crystal books will be released for children, retelling the story and featuring art and photos involving the Gelflings, and the evil Skeksis.

Milton Bradley also rushed out their Dark Crystal spin-off in October. It's a board game designed for two to four players and requires competitors to race against one another to find the Dark Crystal's missing shard and return it before the Skeksis can rule the world.

Boutiques nationwide have stocked clothing patterned after the garb worn by the Gelflings and Pod People. Made out of natural materials, they command high prices and have been manufactured in limited quantities.

For the more mainstream consumer, a variety of posters, dolls, and toys will appear in the near future, including what some observers consider to be the hit of the film, toy Fizzgigs, Kira's little canine-like pet.

Marvel Comics has released their graphic adaptation in a plethora of formats including a 64-page, high-quality paper comic and three monthly regular comics. David Anthony Kraft adapted the story; the art was primarily by newcomer Brett Blevins assisted by Vince Collins and Rick Bryant.

As the movie continues to play through the winter, more and more manufacturers will be unleashing related products. And, if it's a hit, expect Skeksis masks and Gelfling costumes next Halloween.

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